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Solving The Sex Addicted Australian Political Scene Once And For All

Australian politics has well jumped the shark lately.  It is pretty clear they are all filthy dirty root rats.  It was going to take someone to step forward to put the situation in a fair light. Step forward Teena McQueen. A woman who really should have her own TV show she's so funny.  How have I not heard about her before? Brilliant.  Although not quite true. Maybe. Ms McQueen said she “made a throwaway line, that ‘when women reach my age, we don’t have to worry about being sexually assaulted’,” during the meeting. McQueen is addressing the giant menopausal elephant in the room.  These young women (and nubile hot young gay men) are not in politics necessarily recruited for their intellects, talents and personality as the best person (let alone woman/gay man) for the job.   Surely they know that when they get these jobs? That there are older snap dragons like our Teens far better qualified and suitable for running around wiping the bottoms of MP's? We have all seen examples of