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Extremist Maori Activist Throws Race Grenade - Shocked When It Goes Off

  Oh dear lord butter would not melt would it: She said the way National had latched on to the report, labelling it "separatist" and "segregationist", was "really disappointing" and " nothing more than pure politics ". "The very issue the leader is trying to attract attention to is a Declaration she, her Cabinet, signed up to, and now is trying to politicise for nothing more than pure politics . "I think New Zealand is at a point in politics where we have moved beyond this. The author of this report (even someone of no cynicism should see  she was awarded cash by commies years ago to start this work ) comes from an adult lifetime of extremist international political indigenous activism sponsored by the UN and the taxpayer via teaching positions. She attempts to spin that she is suddenly shocked when for the first time in her middle class colonised life, people have lined up to dare point out that what she has produced is a load of word