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The Mis-representation of Hong Kong Continues - Stuff Fake News

  Really? New Zealanders in Hong Kong are packing up their lives and heading home, driven by concerns about ongoing restrictions on speech, political activities and the city’s residents - as well as Covid-19. Lucy Craymer reports. Really? Blabla.........Craymer then finds examples of two families that would have left Hong Kong anyway.  The society estimates there are around 30,000 New Zealand citizens or residents living in the city. The estimate is based on the number of Australians living in the city who, unlike New Zealanders, have to register. The Consulate-General says there are 3000 New Zealanders resident there “and considerably more when including dual nationals on New Zealand passports”. Right, this doesn't make any sense.  3,000 I would accept but 30,000 hell no.  Australians? Maybe. “It wasn’t safe,” she says. “It still isn’t safe. You can’t speak freely about the things that you believe in in Hong Kong anymore.” Newsflash - In Hong Kong since the handover it has never

Hang In There Jacinda! Our New Hero.

Lucky public servants who still have jobs after $100b of money printing, are crying out in unison. The National Party.  Their response?  You are joking? Teachers, nurses and Police Officers don't even vote for National.  Their unions hate National.  These people are not going to leave their professions.  Why? There is nowhere else to go.  They are not going to leave for Australia.  Why? Because they won't.  They can get more money there right now and they are not leaving.  Covid saw a Police actually close off their recruitment as they had so many applicants. “It’s totally unacceptable that the Government has now signalled that their pay will be frozen for three years and it has had an immediate impact on pay negotiations for our police officers. Only it is not really.  It is just freezing the bands in their pay.  As they progress and are promoted they get pay rises.  It is disingenuous to call this really a freeze if they are moving up the pay scales as these workers will be w

Hell HAS Frozen Over - Public Sector's Turn To Share The Suffering

Unbelievable, yes this is a headline in New Zealand.  Public Service Minister Chris Hipkins said any increases would be targeted to lower-paid public servants, largely those earning below $60,000, who account for about 25 per cent of the public sector. Those earning between that and $100,000 could expect increases only in "exceptional circumstances". "We want to see those on lower wages be the focus of any increases in pay. "This is about prioritising spending. The policy will also help protect jobs by taking financial pressure off the public wage bill." The PSA, which represents almost 80,000 workers, said they felt "betrayed". Rather than feeling betrayed, the PSA should be feeling lucky.   During Covid they should have all had their pay frozen and jobs slashed as $10b was printed in the insane experiment we now call Robbonomics. The private sector has been decimated in parts while the public sector stayed on the covid couch. The deification of nurs