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Juju Not A Feminist But Now Woke Barbie!

Oh dear. Demeaning. “I hope it will encourage young women and girls to aspire to set big goals, work hard to achieve them and be leaders in their field,” Ms Bishop said. Ergh no.  Considering it is not even available for sale it is just a vanity project for a woman now more famous for having better outfits and attending social functions than any legacy of her political career. The only thing I find worse than giving a young girl a Barbie is giving one to a young boy. Bishop accepting the Barbie mantra is as stupid as the actions of her former colleague and now turned greenie wokester and "lifelong feminist" Malcolm Turnbull who is a member of the Australian Club yet his wife and daughter are running a campaign to be members. I bet Turnbull voted against the motion, privately. But he is doing something.   Just not with his own cash.