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Students In Hell In A Cell - Release The Prisoners!

This really is a disgrace. These kids are gouged $435 a week fixed for 38 weeks to live in this cell.  Most New Zealand homes have larger bathrooms than the living space. I have only witnessed Hong Kong maids living in smaller surrounds. I lived in a student hostel for my first year at Auckland University and hated it in every way possible.  The only saving grace was sensibly using part of a student loan to buy my own TV and VCR so I didn't have to face the indignity of common room television and with it relentless small talk. So I have total sympathy for the team of prisoners currently forced to stay in their rooms because a kid who flew back to Mummy and Daddy in Wellington as soon as level 4 was announced, left a spray of covid chaos behind them. Not their fault though for the over-reaction that is New Zealand's great societal and psychiatric experiment currently conducted in a sick attempt to boast they Jacinda Ardern can eliminate the Indian strain of Covid-19. A strain