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New Zealand Unions Are Even Woke And Weak

Here is what I would be doing right now if in charge of the Union movement. An immediate blockade by truckies at the borders north of Auckland and south of Auckland protesting the bullshit that is level 4 and level 2 - delta south of it.   It would bring the country to its knees.  Which is actually what is needed to show up the rubbish situation currently. They cannot even stop to take a piss at a servo between North and South of Auckland.  What kind of mental is that? Today they were all told they have to subject themselves to weekly tests for Covid as do all essential workers.  I do not know much about trucking but I suspect this is absolutely ridiculous. The gals and guys sit all day in their cabs going from A to B. An immediate notice to strike by all nurses across the country. Goes without saying.  Unless Hipkins has already worked out a deal you have the Minister right where you want him. An immediate notice to strike by all teachers going back to level 2 - delta conditions.  You