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New Zealand Asians Only Highlighting Maori Vaccine Failures

  To justify why Maori vaccination rates are so low compared to others you need to understand why Asian rates are so high.   First up have a look at the mind bending classifications they go to in the bureaucracy in categorising race.   Someone spent a zillion man hours putting that waffle together. Here are some factoid generalisations about Asians. Asians have minimal representation in New Zealand Parliament, local or national. Many have English as a second or third language. Many do not follow mainstream media and do not understand New Zealand slang or Te Reo. They live across the country and are often hard to reach.     They are well versed from historical pandemics (as Maori say they are) about what happens when a pandemic rips through them, as recently as SARS and bird flu.  They die. Many have mistrust of authority and come from military dictatorships. Heard of Chinese and traditional medicine?  Yet they still manage to shoot up western vaccines.  Many follow the same bullshit co