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Free Taxis in Auckland! One Less Excuse For The Lazy For Vaccinations

I am still in the database at the Doctors in New Zealand. Today I received this. Seriously - Nanny State now gives you a free taxi to the vaccination centre! Free vaccine. Free food when you get there. Free return taxi to get there. Unbelievable. People not vaccinated yet either a) will never get vaccinated or b) too stupid to actually deserve it.  Darwin should be let to do his job. You still have to phone the hotline however.   This is outrageous really.  They should have one waiting outside for you when you are ready.

When Will Labour's Maori Caucus Be Accountable........For Anything?

Apparently despite the amazing commendable Asian and pretty good tick of Pasifika uptake (well done) so far,  it is the “system” that is directly to blame for Maori being too lazy  “vaccine hesitancy”. Here ladies and gentlemen IS “the system”. Or in wokesville of us whiteys needing to use more Te Reo - Te Punaha .  Peeni Henare popped this up only on 2nd October. When the whanau were doing mad backstroke against waves. Amazing brother.  WHERE WAS THIS RESPONSE WEEKS OR MONTHS AGO? Ministers are paid xxxxx, Associates xxxxx, MP’s xxxxxx. Well above possibly many readers of this blog. A rough calculation per annum this part of the engine of Te Punaha is costing you xxxxx. I just cannot be bothered working it out but go for it. I just cannot at this point.  It will be in the multi millions.  For absolutely stuff all performance. Middle class nice compliant empathetic pale and lovely Asian people, of which I am clearly not one, were happy with this on the basis that the more Maori in Parl