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Memo to Sir Ian Taylor From The Bench - Do Not Negotiate With Maori Terrorists

  Then follows yet another very confusing, wordy, weak and woke negotiation with the domestic terrorists that are currently keeping an MIQ system and now, Auckland in Level 3. Useless.  As usual his plan is too hard for bureaucrats to follow or anyone to sell. As Nick Mowbray and co have found out.  Helping or offering to help this government of morons, idiots and domestic terrorists.  Does not pay.   New Zealand is now worse off than it was.  It has record cases, its major city is stuck in level 3 lockdown and there is an exponential rate of  lack of compliance because people of all races and types  have had enough.  There is also tens upon tens of billions of debt now and spiralling inflation with it. And now the idiot-in-chief wants traffic lights.  When Aucklanders run those even in pre-Covid times. What is next, orange cones? There are currently TWO things stopping New Zealanders from coming in and out of the country AND Auckland from returning to business as usual. Pictures follo