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Son Rips Up Daddy's Bill of Rights And Throws It In The Bin - RIP NZ Bill Of Rights

  The purpose of the Bill of Rights is exactly to avoid abrogation when the State is behaving aggressively against some or all of us.  It is at that very moment when it should kick in. Of course we do not need such a law when things are peachy in life. Justice Palmer said if a limit was reasonable, prescribed by law, and demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society under section 5, it was consistent with the Bill of Rights. Forgetting the obvious oxymoron of a limit prescribed in a "free" society!  There is nothing "free" about society right now. The architect of the Bill of Rights is Sir Geoffrey Palmer. His son Matthew is a Judge and sat on this case.  Something I find a tad queasy and inbred.  The case should have been heard by two Judges - one vaccinated and one not.   Matthew Palmer has decided that the Bill of Rights is about as useless as wet toilet paper. Sir Geoffrey however was always about process only and not actual rights.  His legacy will be