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Nothing Says NZ Is A Hermit Nation Run By Muppets More Than This

  November 2021 and Stuff are only rolling out the $55m paid explainer now!! For those of us who have lived overseas during Covid-19 I cannot explain how stupid this is that New Zealand didn't months ago have this ready to rock. However, the public will have to wait until December 15 before they can pick them up at pharmacies. They’ll also have to take the test under the supervision of pharmacy staff. Pricing has not yet been decide, but across the ditch in Australia, you can pick up a kit from the pharmacy or supermarket for anywhere between $10 and $20 per test. Even worse is not only will you have to pay when New Zealanders aren't used to paying for anything to do with Covid, but you then can not take them home for use. The control freaks in this regime are going to make you do the test at the pharmacy. What is the bloody point? Avoid this latest power grab over your lives as long as possible. Civil disobedience should extend to all unnecessary testing for Covid.  Do not do