A Call To Arms For Australian Men - Trade The "Teal Heel" In For A Ukranian Hottie

Australia for once is an election cycle behind New Zealand.

Last election stupid entitled women with wealthy husbands/fathers/inheritance voted for the left because they liked Jacinda.

New Zealand men were too weak to stop that.

These women are now regretting this.  The surge back to National shows this.

Australian women seem to in the words of clothes horse Julie Bishop, be angry. Bishop only ever achieved the heights she did because she has legs for Africa and would look good in a potato sack.  The woman was not especially brilliant apart from this. There were many Liberal women smarter and better qualified who were overlooked during her time.

Here is the Bish walking to her appointment on Australian media wearing the most hideous LV coat made in history.  Something you would expect Beyonce to wear after yet another time Jay Z side-eyed another woman.

Julie's conclusion appears to have been drawn after listening to a mentally ill young woman who really only has achieved fame as she got vicious after a pedo school teacher from a traditionally left-wing profession, sexually assaulted her.  And it was Scott Morrison's fault!

Right so here is the position.

When these women who turned on the Liberals and voted either Labor, Green or Teal wake up, they will wake up to the same left-wing agenda that will commence with a "treaty" with "Indigenous Australians" (resulting only in smart Maori now basing themselves in Canberra advising how to rape and pillage this new woke vote for their "brothers and sisters"), they'll wake up to the hatred of the other side of Sydney in Newcastle, Hunter and upwards when they lose their jobs in coal, mining and productive industries.

They'll realise that the Labor Green agenda means they actually have to pay more.

More taxes, more for their cars, more for their second third and fourth homes.

More, more, more. 

At that point the kicking and screaming will commence and they will beg to come back to the Liberals.

At that point they should not be allowed.

Their husbands and boyfriends should have disposed of them and replaced them with the new Australian, women who actually want and know what freedoms are. Who value it as they've had to flee their own country as bombs and bullets were flying, and capitalism and respect what makes the world go around.

The Ukranian woman.

Loyal enough never to vote for a Greenie or a leftie in their life.

Here are the finalists in Miss Ukraine

New Zealand needs to import more of these women, especially into the inner suburbs of Auckland.  Our men need a reboot.  Our women need a reality check.  Stop voting left.  

Else the men will find women who actually believe in the freedom, values and capitalism that affords you the lifestyle you currently enjoy.


  1. Willing to help - Is there a webpage where can we adopt these poor young ladies featured above? Asking for a friend ....


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