Defund Otago University - Parasitic Worm Naming Is Now Sexist!

Just when you think there is Peak Stupid at New Zealand Universities, up pops new contenders.

If you ever want a reason why those of us who call a spade a shovel in real life are LAUGHING at so called "experts" during Covid who got almost every prediction dead wrong, this is it.

Yes your taxes are paying for this tripe.

But Professor Robert Poulin, from the University of Otago in New Zealand, has said the trend should be avoided as it can lead to 'nomenclatural regret'. 

Nomenclatural regret? Is he having a fucking lend?

How much money is he paid for this sort of "research" and commentary?

This work received no funding other than the salary paid to all three authors by the University of Otago.


But then this gave me a little idea:

One or two species named after a famous scientist should be enough to honour them, and, he adds, if you are going to name a creature after a scientist, try to honour women scientists as much as you honour men - as most creatures named after people are named after them.

To do so he "studied" 2900 types of parasitic worms.  I mean come on using the word in academia "studied", hello he and two over-qualified taxpayer funded bludgers compiled a spreadsheet of names for heaven's sake.  An NCEA student could have done that.

Dr Poulin said he examined 2,900 species of helminths - types of parasitic worms - discovered in the last 20 years. Many of the worms were named after famous scientists he said. But he added 'we found a consistent gender bias', with 'male scientists being immortalised disproportionately more frequently than female scientists.

Of the 596 parasite species honoring an eminent scientist, only 18% immortalized women researchers, the team reports today in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The gender gap has remained consistent for the past 20 years. And 89% of researchers lucky enough to have two or more parasites named after them were men.

Yes it is every woman's fantasy to have a parasitic worm named after them.  Complaining about sexism here is a bit like complaining why men are the ones who always take out the rubbish, or carry the heavy suitcases, give you their jacket when it is raining or open doors for you.

And what about Maori?  Surely Maori want parasitic worms named after them to enhance the mana of their whakapapa? How about some new fungus, killer virus or crippling disease? No?  Not so mana-enhancing.

Dr Poulin may find all manner of problems with his latest taxpayer funded crusade.  The culture wars throw up some ridiculous scenarios of comedic proportions.


I suggest that the next parasitic worm that is found post Covid be called the Siouxsite. The resulting condition to exposure will render the host unable to make decisions for themselves, not wish to travel anywhere, cause them to constantly cover their mouth and nose, reach for the surface wipes despite being told there is no danger from surfaces and an involuntary reaction to swipe their phone over barcodes.

Oh there is already a condition for this you say? Delusional Parasitosis or Ekbom Syndrome! Well let us rename it The Siouxsie Syndrome in honour of our leading lady in New Zealand.

I leave you with their last words as Ukraine is getting smashed and we are six bad minutes to midnight from a nuclear war, the financial markets are being pumped up with printed cash, the real estate market is being held up by central banks choosing inflation and wage price spirals over interest rate rises that would collapse the over-leveraged banks that have been direct by governments to lend to make people feel richer than they actually are, petrol will soon make goods unaffordable to most as prices keep increasing, China's largest populated cities are prisoning people in their apartments for an illness that kills fewer people than the flu rendering their production and supply lines crippled and the Bill of Rights in every western country might as well be placed in a shredder:

Poulin and his co-authors hope their study nudges parasitologists to put more care into coining monikers that reflect the diversity of the scientific community. “They may not follow our naming suggestions, but they cannot deny the data.”

Academia - Focusing on things that really matter.  Right until the end of the world.



  1. Ironic that an academicista is writing about parasites

    1. Easy to do a study on parasitic worms when all you have to do is chat with the bathroom mirror


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