Earth to National - Come In National......

Christopher Luxon keeps falling into the dark brown holes of Maoridom.

It is a position he should never go.  There was absolutely no need for him to comment.  The death and tangi should have been left without comment.

The Maori  Mahuta elite will never back him.

The Maori "academic" taxpayer funded activist troughers redesigning democracy via He Puapua will never back him.

Maori who are being fluffed by Labour and "Covid cash" will never back him.

The Twitter Twats will never back him.

There is absolutely NOTHING positive for National and Luxon about appearing Maori woke.

Normal Maori, those who are likely to not necessarily vote for National, but will not vote Labour or for Maori extremists in the Maori Party, will not be impressed by this embrace. They will view it as virtue signalling.

Why oh why would he make any sort of tribute to Joe Hawke? There was absolutely no need.  If he has not noticed, elderly Maori are currently dropping like flies.  There are taonga and totara falling everywhere. NONE supported National.  Hawke was a Labour MP.  

Silence is golden.

For example when a great National leaning businessperson dies, no one from Labour makes a press statement such as this.  

The left are never gracious when a National supporting person dies. They may stay silent but their supporters launch attacks and spit. The right generally couldn’t care less to comment even abuse about Labour supporters dying. 

You would not realise this simple fact by looking at the faces currently on television and in mainstream media, but 72% of New Zealand identify as fully or identify as part European, 15% are Asian, Indian included. This is the National voter base.

How about sticking up for Indians currently having their stores ram raided by Pacific and Maori youth gangs?  How about sticking up for Chinese immigrants who still cannot get their families over to New Zealand even for a visit?

Instead Luxon is entering a war for the hearts and minds of Maori who are always going to chuck nothing but abuse at him.

A Facebook tribute from Christopher Luxon mostly in Māori and dedicated to the late Joe Hawke has earned the National leader a backlash from disgruntled social media users, resulting in a tirade of anti-Māori, anti-te reo and full-blown conspiracy theorist racist remarks. people who usually vote National who are wondering what the hell he is doing pandering to Maori who never will support National.

Christopher Luxon's post was nothing but woke virtue signalling.  That is how the centre right view it and any attempt to move National to the left will result in electoral annihilation.  We have seen that recently in Australia with the Liberal Party as they took the middle ground on many core issues leaving their voters wondering why they would vote for them when all on offer was a tarnished Scomo selling centre left policy. 

National should aggressively be entering debates about three waters, they should be entering debates about co-governance and He Puapua.  They should be entering debates about Nanaia Mahuta's clear conflicts of interest and the handing of money to fringe groups under the guise of "Covid" spending.

They should be rolling weak Ministers like Poto Williams. Not stopping Mark Mitchell from doing so.

They should in essence be doing absolutely everything Winston Peters is now doing.

If they do not enter these debates and pick their side then I ask what the hell are they in Parliament for? 

For the bald white guy and the privileged thick necklace wearing lady with rich parents from Wellington to stand up as Leader and Deputy and implement Labour and Maori Party policies?

Because if that is all National stands for there is no way Christopher Luxon will ever be PM and Nicola Willis will be taking her brightly coloured suits to Dress for Success as come the day after the next election she will not need them anymore.


  1. Luxon cut his cloth and rose pretty high up in the corporate world. Virtue signaling and following HR fads is part of his DNA

  2. As a lifelong National supporter I now find it impossible to continue supporting the party. They missed the boat when passing Steven Joyce over for the leadership role, and until Goodfellow, Luxon, Willis are deposed the party will remain in disarray. They have strayed into dangerous leftist territory and that is not what the party is there to represent.

  3. The most incompetent, thick, arrogant unless bunch idiots ever to form a Govt.
    Wrecking the economy, wrecking democracy, nepotism, media bribes, totally out of their depth at every turn.

    I just don't get it!
    National should be having a field day, ripping them to shreds, exposing the corruption and incompetence for all to see.
    But no, they seem to have taken Jaspindas "be kind" crap to heat and don't want to look like they are being a bit mean to the covid queen.
    Message to chrome dome, grow some balls you fucking pussy, believe it or not there are many videos to be had in crushing the separatists crap and the endless trough so beloved of Mahuta and the rest of the Freddy fat pigs.

  4. Basically Luxon is a corporate weasel overly fond of virtue signaling and work dogma. Which tbf is these days mandatory if you want to be CEO of a big listed company as a white male.
    Realistically if you want an actual right govt vote Act hopefully they get 10 percent and have the balls to actually get some results.

  5. Oh groan, if this is all he can offer, then We're all in big trouble.

  6. Agree @Jay, Corporate style virtue signaling and trend/poll following seems to be the substance
    of Luxon's politics.
    The freedom principles that the National party once espoused, a long time ago, are seldom to be seen, and
    certainly are not being espoused nor articulated by Mr Luxon.
    Quite why the Nats imagine that this wishy-washy non-policy will mean anything to Kiwis hog-tied and hamstrung by
    Ardern's tyranny is difficult to see.


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