New Zealand About To Be "Each Way" Albowed

Anthony Albanese has form in politics for saying one thing then saying and doing another at a later date to another audience.  Some would call that lying, but loving Australian media outside of the heroes at Sky News never call him on it, pet naming him "each way Albo".

The Morning After Albo

Along with Labor, he spent every waking hour working against ratfucking Scott Morrison during the pandemic, managing to turn all the State Premiers on the Federal Libs with their approaches to lockdowns and restrictions.  Now he has turned around having won the election and like a good socialist has unilaterally proclaimed that the new politics demanded is that  everyone works together!

I cannot wait to see how this unfolds because Jacinda Ardern is up against a total pro here. A man who has fooled a country with a population 5 times that of New Zealand that it is ok to be economically illiterate when asked hard questions.  

Two politicians who love nothing more than announcing when announcements of an announcement may happen.

In the Jacinda Ardern, Anthony Albanese love-in this past week they talked of citizenship rights and 501's.

The thing is the SAME DAY in New Zealand this happened.

A rapist who grew up in New Zealand will be deported to Samoa, where he has no family, and can't speak the language, after the Immigration Minister today turned down his appeal to stay here.

Mose has spent the past 15 years in prison for two sexual assaults he committed at the age of 14 and for bashing a prison guard while inside. Last month he was served with deportation papers to his birth country.

Let us put that to one side for a second......Ardern and Labour are DEPORTING ratbag Islanders down the chain back to their country of birth with no ties there. I am surprised there are only 1040 worthy of being sent packing in five years.  We should be working harder on that number.

Meanwhile, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) figures show in the past five years 1040 people have been deported to the Pacific from New Zealand.

Of the deportations, 400 followed criminal convictions, and 640 were for non-criminal reasons. During the 2018 financial year, 65 people were deported to the Pacific following convictions.The most common Pacific destinations for deportees are Samoa (145 in five years), Tonga (120) and Fiji (113).

Returning to New Zealand and Australia...

At the end we should look at the actions of Ardern and Albanese, not their words.  But for now.

Albanese stated while Australia would retain the right to deport people, it would now be done in a "common sense" approach based on "actions of friends".

"In situations where someone had lived their entire life in Australia and they have no connection to New Zealand we will work through it as friends and in a common-sense way."

Politicians do not have friends.  They also do not have much "common sense" else we would not need to turf them out so often.  Australia will still deport 501's.  Albo made that very clear.

Ardern has sold this pup that the key to all the gang problems for New Zealand is to get citizenship for these ratbags.  The issue is many have been in trouble for a long time. Most cannot tie their own shoelaces, let alone go through the citizenship process.  

I do not particularly care to wait for the pathway to that citizenship to take another year to announce given I know what Australia will do because they are rat cunning at the best of times, they will keep checks and balances.  Have a looksie at this.

It is not just limited to Australia

Oh dear.  Too late for all the crims from New Zealand currently in Australia.  Or those who moved after committing crime in New Zealand for a "new start".

Australia also has a citizenship test.  Here is the practice test they put up.  I managed 100% (proof here) but there were questions there that many would not pass. Some of the more humorous questions I attach.  Currently Australia does not to me seem a country enforcing the "right" answer I gave.

Which brings me back to the point above about how genuine is Albo in seeing through a stream of New Zealanders as citizens that we would not necessarily want back in New Zealand?

About as genuine as denials of the filler in Richard Wilkins' face, as the Aussies would say.  Oh yes Ardern made room in her schedule for a fashion show at David Jones with the local Z listers.  Every self respecting Sydneysider currently off overseas during the holidays.  

Jacinda Ardern finally finds a man with better hair than hers

Australia is more than happy to take citizenship for the "good" New Zealanders so that is a no-brainer for Albo.  There is no way they'll carte blanch accept anyone who cannot get through what for us is a simple process, someone of gang material and make up? Difficult.

As for a "common sense" approach to deporting 501's?  There may be a couple of crumbs thrown first up of the less serious cases, but do not expect this to be more than a stutter on the tap.  

Because Australia is doing nothing more or less than we have been doing to our "friends" in the Islands for years.

So in order not to be hypocrites of the highest order, the tradeoff for the very few returning 501's will be having to keep ratbags from the Islands causing similar chaos in New Zealand.  

Ardern is about to visit the Pacific Islands forum next week where no doubt the topic will be brought up by grifters and chancers of the Pacific Islands milking more sympathy and aid from New Zealand and Australia while privately courting China.

Hardly a huge win for New Zealand.  The twitter left are ignoring this contra about to happen.  

New Zealand has to keep all ratbag Islanders, Australians will drip a few fewer 501's, eventually, maybe.............well until a New Zealander commits their next violent crime in Australia against an Australian and the victims rights lobby in Australia rise up and demand that person is deported.

Ironically all Ardern diplomatically has achieved this week in Australia is maybe, possibly, getting more rights for "good" New Zealanders in Australia to become more Australian.

In doing so though she has made Australia even more attractive for the apparent one million of you thinking about leaving!

Perhaps she needs to return to New Zealand now and focus on making the country more attractive for the people who actually wish to live there.


  1. Our top notch ED nurse daughter is planning her exit. To Australia. Soon.

  2. I've said this before, if we want less 501s the government has to get proactive, place ads in Australian tinny houses etc. " Are you a criminal or from a criminal family? Do you wish to stay in Australia when you get out of the Big House?
    You need to get your Australin citizenship straight away and revoke your NZ one, otherwise you'll be on the plane faster than a greased pig down the big slide at SeaWorld.
    WE CAN HELP you through the process of gaining your Australian citizenship please call 1800DONTDEPORTME. "


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