Thor Love and Thunder Review

After my panning of Maori Lion King I thought it best I watch Taika Waititi's Thor for some balance.  Given the comic nature of the movie I shall reward it with bullet points.


- Chris Hemsworth's naked rear view.

- Taika Waititi's bro accent narrating.  It is wearing thin but still funny.

- The half and half sweet and salt popcorn.

- My double sofa first class seating recliner.

- That is was only 2 hours. I cannot sit through 180 minutes of Elvis for instance, even on a comfy seat.

- Guns N Roses soundtrack.

- Bautista is in it.

- Russell Crowe is in it.

- Did I mention Chris Hemsworth's naked rear view?


- Woke virtue signalling.  Thor is saved by a woman at one point, his sidekick is lesbian, Korg is homosexual with references to two men creating life together, the leading child character is black.  The sick woman dies after saving Universe.  Thor becomes a solo father adopting the child of his nemesis.

- No Idris Elba.  Boo.

- That I did not watch this at I-Max, refer Chris Hemsworth above.

- It is not as good as the last one.

- They have set it up for a sequel. We have seen enough of this story.  Do something else.

This is the movie you make when you get together with your mates and all want to be locked down in Australia away from Covid and need a reason to qualify for border exemptions.  It is amusing in parts, but not really that good.  It is kind of really quite bad.

It is not Waititi's best work. Nowhere near.  It was almost like he was distracted by a 30 year old British pop star throughout production.  It is not the best work of any of the actors. Oh yes and the script was dreadful.

They are aiming for ridiculous box office takings.  They may get that as everyone seems to be going to the movies at the moment.  It is formulaic nonsense that has an audience.  You are not going along to see this movie to think about the meaning of life.

It is however not Top Gun.

While Taika's accent makes this movie more a Taonga to New Zealand than the Lion King pleeeeeeease do not fund a remake Thor in Te Reo.  

The budget was $US250 million.  It could bankrupt the country.


  1. 3/10 you forgot Crowe’s pissweak Aussie Greek accent. Logically following MCU lore Zeus should splatter both Thor and Gor. Its Pricilla Queen of Desert with a hammer

  2. Cultural appropriation rubbish. Who knew that the Norse gods were Maori? I can hear the howls of the woke if the tables were turned.

  3. Idris Elba was in it, albeit only in one of the post-credits scene in Valhalla.


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