Enjoying My Adult Supremacy Thank You

I was alerted today to this leftie lunacy. It needs a response.

How about a hell NO.

Adult supremacy is not only required it needs to be compulsory.

No species survives by letting the youngest and the weakest control crucial outcomes.

I am proud of my adult supremacy and will practice it regularly when required.  I have "little people" in the family.  Absolutely NONE of them are capable of making decisions for myself.  

Humans sometimes deserve to become extinct with this sort of lunacy on offer promulgated I bet once again by the mentally ill who these days we are not allowed to call them what they are - the village idiots.

Here are some.  Apart from the hostage 5th from the left.

The Greens are so desperate to give children a vote.

Yet so not desperate to jail the little fuckers to take adult responsibility for ram raids.

Aucklanders have had enough.

Do not be surprised when one of these thugs are captured and beaten to an inch of their life.

No jury in the city will convict such a patriot and their crowdfunded defence will hit 6 figures. I’m betting it will be a member of the Chinese or Indian immigrant community who defend their property in a manner they know best.

The cops know this by now as will the Police Minister. They should be worried, when they don’t defend law abiding adults, law abiding adults take matters into their own hands. 

Adults will soon practice their supremacy.


  1. Seamonkey MadnessAugust 7, 2022 at 2:05 PM

    Agree about Shaw.
    Poor guy must have to put up with so much shit. He is/was the one dragging them up from woo irrelevancy, at making them at least somewhat relevant.
    At least there is someone in that party capable of wearing a suit and playing with the adults at the big table.

  2. "Here are some. Apart from the hostage 5th from the left."
    Really very funny - great sense of humour!


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