Everything That Is Wrong With The Left In One Post

The Greens have provided us with an aspirational post of what life will be like if they have the balance of power.  In fact this is the left view of the world.

I don't want people with this low aspiration for their own life making policy decisions on my behalf.


I don't want people with this low aspiration for the rest of our lives making policy decisions.


If your entire life is about paying rent and food and nothing else.

Stay in your slow lane.

You are not the sort of person capable of making decisions for me or anyone else who wishes to have a life better than what they have now.

There is nothing wrong with you being below average.  But you have to own it.

Do not expect the rest of us to want to be just like you.

You are below average.  You are not capable of being in decision making positions.  You make the western world and democracy weaker.

China and Russian regimes would destroy you.  Look at your future, there are millions of Chinese and Russians who would eat you alive in not only a physical war but a financial one.  They laugh at your weakness growing up in western democracies with all the advantages that brings. 

Chinese with limited English tend to do better than everyone in New Zealand's education system who are euphemistically called the "vulnerable". Why?  Because they work harder and do not prescribe to the woke crap that everyone is equal.  They are not.

If you are weak and pathetic and cannot advance in a western democracy, you would be long dead in the hardness of life in China and Russia without the advantages of welfare, free healthcare and services.

Kermits and pinkos.

Stay in your lane and sit the fuck down so adults can run the country.


  1. A lot of your older blog posts have gone AWOL, intentional?

    1. Nope. Enjoy them while you can before "fans" report them.

    2. You should check out the Substack platform. Its a very user friendly interface, and they're explicitly pro free speech

  2. Maybe it’s an admission from the Greens that their policies are making things so tough that people need to hunker down and focus on the basics.

    1. Oh that doesn't apply to them of course. They all wish to be rich and in their minds that can only happen at the expense of stealing off someone else richer.


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