Foster Stays Journalists Forced To Feed Off Something Else


There will be a lot of this happening right now among the so called "experts" in the New Zealand sports media.

At least another year of being out in the cold with the New Zealand Rugby Union given the stories they have published demanding the sacking of Ian Foster.

Some of them quite dreadful.

Finally there could be some turnover in the dreary sports newsrooms off the back of this.  Limited access to the largest stories in sports.

I urge NZRU to start with the woke and dreary D'Arcy Waldegrave who rates himself crossing over into Heather Du Plessis-Allan's political commentary.  He knows stuff all about politics. I learn nothing from listening to him rabbit on awkwardly about sports.  I know a reasonable amount about all sports but I expect someone in his job to know a hell of a lot more.

NZRU could really help drain the swamp by cutting off access to those who have whinged and bagged them and Ian Foster for the last weeks.


  1. We had to put up with Foster for 8 useless years.
    Now we have to put up with him being useless with the Allblacks.
    You spineless NZRFU.
    Goodbye 2023 RWC.

  2. Performance. Foster has failed the performance test.

    A chunk of his management were sacked and one of Razors staff poached to put some steel in the packs performance

    The AB head coach role has a performance bench mark of 75 percent. Foster has failed to get anywhere near it.

    RWC 2023 is the goal. We wont get close.

    Worse Robertson will go offshore and keep winning.

    NZ Rugby has enter a period akin to 2002 with Fosters confirmation in the role. And that period ended with a call of Four More Years


  3. Watch for Robertson to use this as an excuse to sign a lucrative contract with England in the next few months. He'll be an assistant coach to the WC and then take over from then. He doesn't want a half price coaching gig with the All Blacks and would prefer to arrive back as a messiah in a decade's time.

    Agree re Waldegrave - anyone that supports the circus of transgender athletes such as Gav Hubbard deserves ridicule.

  4. Vaguely knew Waldegrave back in the 90s when he was a presenter on Cry TV in Chch. Bit of a loudmouth show off, suffered from shortman syndrome I think. Seems he happily got absorbed into the faceless mediocre media business, mouthing the right things all day long. Not very rebellious any more.

  5. Waldegrave is beyond awful. Loves his own opinions and the sound of his own voice. His interviewing modus operandi is to start off with a long ramble of his own option then finish with a question mark as if it was a question. Then waits for the hapless interviewee to agree with what he just said.

  6. This didn't age well.


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