No You Cannot - Comparison Is The Thief of Joy






Bless Jemima for those nice words but Grandpa is a business freak and a multi-billionaire.

There is no act to follow there.  None of his children or grandchildren have a chance of starting from where he did and doing what he did.  There is no comparison.

Going to Grandpa for a $500 loan and a bank guarantee even inflation adjusted is going to get 99% of the population absolutely nowhere.

Jemima does not need the cash, the guarantee from Grandpa alone will set her up for whatever she wishes to do.  People will be crawling up to loan her money on the basis of being a member of the Hart Foundation and the "too big to fail" principle.

The greatest thing businesspeople can pass on is actually telling others to stop comparing their lives to the one in front of them.  Instead of being “humble” and “passionate” they need to be rude about their achievements and realise how abnormal they are and that others are never going to achieve what they have.

And there is nothing wrong with that.  You do not need to be a multi-billionaire.  Hart is so rich that his wealth is a pain in his rear but he has had decades to get used to the fact.  

Stop giving false hope and be realists.  It is the cruelest thing to do particularly in a modern Instagram society.  Children are being wrecked by being told the world is ending thanks to climate religion, they'll never own a house and they'll never get a decent paid job.  Hell, they were all going to die of the plague of Covid at one point and now we are at what in retrospect may be the middle of World War 3, the Chinese having started years ago with very few wise to it.

The last thing they should have is a multi-billionaire telling them the absolute lie that they can do what he did.

Most people under 30 today will realistically be unable to save a deposit for a house without their family helping. Many will end up unable to buy even a car.  Some will be unable to buy groceries.

Hart is best to follow his own mantra of quietly humming to himself of the last decades and say nothing at all.


  1. Here and I thought you were a capitalist. ;)

    1. I am. A socialist would have dedicated 10,000 words in a post whinging about how much money he has got and how the government needs to re-distribute it.

  2. Graeme Hart got his break when the Labour Government of the day sold him Government Print for basically the value of their current contracts . . . it was a steal and good luck to him for taking advantage of a fire sale by yet another inept Labour mess..


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