Team Of $55m Getting Out Their Sorry Machines

How about this cracker?

In other words - The Herald published a complete fabrication and never even bothered asking Rodney Hide before it was published to the accuracy of Chadwick's allegation.

So what will be Chadwick's legacy as Mayor of Rotorua? Quite simply standing aside quietly while Labour marched in and dumped transitional housing persons and filled motels with gangs and undesirable persons who have not only terrorised the Rotorua community but other tenants in those motels who truly need a place to live and have caused no trouble.

In the next few days there should be many apologies resulting from the smear campaign by the witches coven of being a "conspiracy theorist".  Or just as bad, "following" a Facebook page which is the digital equivalent of being caught watching someone in  the town square.

Media themselves are engaging in spreading malicious disinformation in the democracy of local government elections.

This is the new screaming "racist" in the town square for those they can't spray that at.  You are a "conspiracy theorist"!

Apparently the podium of truth is now with obsessive whackos seeking to prevent people talking with each other about their ideas, like the ones at Fighting Against Conspiracy Theories in Aotearoa (FACT).  They themselves in seeing conspiracy everywhere are in danger of doing the very thing they are railing against.

A conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable.

Remember it is not a conspiracy theory though when it is true.