The Woke In Favour Of Whittaker's Score An Own Goal


So was the public backlash against Whittaker's one of appropriating Te Reo to flog a high-calorie unhealthy junk food to a race of person we are told by "experts" have terrible health issues?

Of course not.  

Or that they didn't use dark chocolate? No.  Of course not.

The woke whities on Twitter all piled in to show their virtue to beat up on a blogger who has within 24 hours become New Zealand's best milk chocolate salesman.

Stuff and their mates have gone long accepting funds from the team of $55m fund to produce stories such as this:

The irony of using Te Reo to market a chocolate brand for a week cannot be ignored.  

What a jedi mind trick that he is now New Zealand's best milk chocolate salesman elevated by the “racist” screaming wokesters out there.

So what is next from corporates to show solidarity to Te Reo and Maori Language week?

Lion Red in Te Reo?
Te Reo vapes?
Cigarettes in plain wrapping solely in Te Reo?
KFC and Maccas wrapping their products in Te Reo?

Because we will soon be having that discussion about using Maori Language week to promote products the Twitter Police, deem not worthy.

I will remind you what happened when Coke did exactly the same.

If you are celebrating Whittaker's for using Te Reo to pimp their product full of sweetness and at the same time are concerned at how junk food is targeting Maori and breaching the Treaty of Waitangi, then you are a much larger part of the "stupid" problem currently infecting the nation quicker than any Covid.

Whittaker’s couldn’t give a shit about the future of Te Reo and especially Maori health and welbeing. 

They just want to use “the vibe” of Maori Language week to sell chocolate and are using woke stupid white people and the odd far left Maori activist, to run that campaign for them.


  1. There's a White Fragility version of Whittaker's white chocolate bar doing the rounds amongst lefties. It's an extension of the limited edition to test the market for more Te Reo. Wait for more bars to come out in 2 languages.

    Buy it, don't buy it. Who cares as long as you know what you're buying?

  2. Let's be honest here. Whittakers are targeting fat, overweight single 20-something females who get a sense of belonging from the Twatter wokeborg. These are the same lot that vote for a Prime Minister because of her gender.

    I remember at the height of the Magnum ice cream craze the same targeted marketing campaign was used for the same age group without the woke tinge.

    We continue to demonstrate how we are a dumb, irrelevant nation at the bottom of the world.

    1. If they want to try pushing maori on their customers then they have lost me. Rainbow and Waikato are good brands that do not attempt this subterfuge.

  3. Let's face it, explicitly marketing a product to Maori means it turns off Pakeha (who generally are the bigger spenders). Why else are all the TV ads running these days showing multicultural families? Gotta have a bit of brown, but not too much...

    1. We take note of advertisers (personally and commercially) who use maori race-based ads and to hell with their products. Also do the same with anyone who advertises in "Stuff" publications. Really creates a furore when one is buying a new car and questions the sales team as to their company's advertising allegiances, telling them to jam their product if they are supporters of MSM.


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