Herald Now Chucking Solid Hate Speech At Own Readership


It was clear that Davidson was not promoting Whittaker's. She was promoting the practice of brands supporting the survival of te reo Māori. But public backlash soared after the post and the news she'd potentially breached guidelines. At this point, racists will use anything against Māori to suppress the resurgence of te reo Māori.

The one thing that racists hate more than people of colour is our courage to stand up to racism. People are furious that a Māori woman dared to stand up to racism. 

The fact that something as simple as two te reo Māori words on a chocolate packaging has caused national outrage demonstrates that New Zealanders hold deeply anti-Māori views. Why aren't people equally furious at words like sauvignon blanc and pinot gris? Is it because those words are derived from European languages?

Say what? For a start, chocolate is not indigenous to Maori, indeed Whittakers is a colonial brand from English immigrants making this all the more amusing some Maori "influencers" are dumb enough to pimp it. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris are grape varietals from regions in FRANCE, that is why their names are FRENCH.  You know, why we call all the things "wonderful" Maori have brought to the world like haka and hangi, names you get to choose as Maori. Invent some more and you get to call them whatever you wish!  I cannot even start on the rest of the complete hate speech garbage in that column it never should have been published.

The NZ Herald is launching hate speech on its own demographic in allowing the most woke immigrant in New Zealand to have column space spitting bile at the majority of their paid readership.

Shaneel to the naked eye is a bloke. A bloke who wears skirts. Shaneel has a model figure and has extremely fine facial features. Shaneel has a waist that most women would pay very good cash to have but the reality is there is an incredible amount of not eating to earn that.

You will note I am careful not to use the obvious pronoun “he” as I know how sensitive this area is to “deadname” or whatever. But I’ll be stuffed if I’m ever going to use a pronoun “she“ or “they/them” on someone else who is quite clearly a bloke and is not plural. Apparently a gay bloke who entered Mr Gay 2020.   Yes MISTER. MAN. So I’m now even more confused as if Shaneel identifies as not a bloke but gay then …. Oh god I’m going to need a large whiteboard to work this out.

I am fine with a hairy legged bloke wearing skirts, my Scottish ancestors proudly partook in such traditions. But I am sorry not sorry -  Shaneel is just a loud cry-bully 20 something activist Fijian-born bloke writing a column in the Herald for pure clickbait and given far too much importance in the scheme of life.

One with very fringe extremist left views.  The Herald are insistent on calling people right wing extremist activists recently.  Well here they have a real life left wing extremist! Why do they not describe Shaneel as such? Shaneel is basically the political opposite of QAnon and every anti-vax protest movement leader.  But no here is the description.

Apparently according to Shaneel, colonialism in Fiji was responsible for stripping the Islands of some sort of amazing queer culture they had. I suppose whitey is also responsible for slave conditions that an independent Fiji still holds over the poor and $2.92NZD an hour minimum wages??!!

Yes that is a real issue Shaneel could help Shaneel's own people with.  Instead we get a nasty immigrant coming to New Zealand telling us all how horrible we are for actions the immigrant has not even experienced!

Shaneel moved to the apparent safety of New Zealand as living with those nasty Fijians was so dreadful to then blame everything yet again on colonialism. Our colonialism! Fiji by the way has been independent the entire time Shaneel has been on this earth and run entirely by Fijians but don’t let facts get in the way of a good sob story. There’s no way brown people can ever be held responsible for being assholes towards other brown people is there?

None of getting the woke onboard is new or race based. It’s the same reason Simon Wilson still has a column. To Simon’s credit he seems to accept he’s a stale pale male and has no delusions of his femininity as he winds up sensible folk who like cars and know how stupid cycle preference cities are when there’s only two months a year of decent sunshine.

What I detest the most is that Shaneel is a mentally vulnerable person being used probably for free or much less than Wilson’s rates per word by the editor. Shaneel is not a serious columnist but is there short-term to agitate the readership advertisers actually want to target. Independent-thinking, wealthy educated  individuals who have shit loads of disposable income. Yes, and we are mostly white.  

Week after week Shaneel will pump out word after word yelling “racist” at us. The “hits” on the column are then wrapped up and sold to advertisers as eyeballs on the screen.

I will show you how this works.

I’m reading the most woke columnist and the algorithm is throwing LIBERTARIAN ads at me. Yes Shaneel is used to pimp tee shirt ads from the good old things at Libertarian Country.

Shaneel is a rib roast dangling in a lions cage.  Then Shaneel will suffer gross indignation when the lions eat the offerings and write about his victimisation.

Shaneel's columns are the equivalent of myself being a columnist in Waatea News whereby one week I spend 500 words describing that modern day poverty in Maoridom is caused solely by having far too many children you can ever afford where I reference story after story of state house tenants and those living in motels still breeding while in those motel rooms! Case in point recently here.

If I was to write such a column in that targeted publication the rib roast would be eaten once the editor dangled me and I would then have to fake gross indignation for the death threats, hate comments and abuse that follows.

Shaneel’s column today really deserves such a response but I bet it doesn’t get any.

Because real serious adults just do not care about the ramblings of a mentally vulnerable child throwing a tantrum criticising a country Shaneel actually fled to for personal reasons of safety! We should have learned our lesson after taking Greta too seriously facing now a winter of rationed power in Europe.

Shaneel clearly has a lot of issues in life.  The whole pronoun war for one. Then there is the Hindu family and Muslim community Shaneel was raised in. Again, nothing to do with colonialism or us pale folk. Above all we have a carefully curated Wikipedia that has not reached Matthew Tukaki heights but is clearly self-edited as why the f*** would anyone else actually care?  Reading that Wikipedia you would think Shaneel has cured cancer or brokered peace in the Middle East.  But no, currently a student but everyone's woke go to in media to grift a career as a commentator for things none of us remotely understand because there isn't a whiteboard large enough for the ever changing rules that gender and racial constructs seem to float in.  Then when we finally do, the movement changes the rules again!

What Shaneel will work out is that Shaneel by taking a Herald column will not only be working for the colonising white man, a publicly listed company with wealthy probably mostly male shareholders but for a white editor who per hour will be paying Shaneel less than a NZ minimum wage to pump ads for Libertarian businesses!

Who is winning?

Because I really do not see it being Shaneel.


  1. "Because real serious adults just do not care about the ramblings of a mentally vulnerable child throwing a tantrum"

    Unfortunately, "real serious adults" are absent from both NZ's parliament and mainstream media.

    Sure you don't fancy another tilt at parliament, Kate?

    Frankie Lee


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