RIP Queen Elizabeth But Not The Monarchy As It Shall Endure

Not unexpected at age 96 but still a shock.

Instead of this being the "end" of the Monarch I think the two weeks now of mourning for her will actually strengthen the Monarchy and with it the people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for the love of their countries that make it.

The transition to King Charles has been in the planning for decades.  This period in time is actually less challenging for them than the death of Princess Diana. King Charles is 73, by now he should know what the hell he is going to do.

Those especially in England, are very proud of their history and tradition and I think those of us with ancestors from the United Kingdom but do not live there, do not understand just how proud they are.  They are not like New Zealanders from those parts who have never stood up and celebrated how awesome our history actually is.  We got glimpses of it this year during the Jubilee but I have only lived it for several months at a time when I have worked in London, so still do not quite understand it all.

The mourning period will be one of pomp and pageantry that those heathens who do not have a breadth of history will struggle to comprehend.  Young people especially as they have only been taught the woke version.  In New Zealand the tracing of family history ad  infinitum is only encouraged as "cool" if you are Maori.

Ironically the Queen's last act of duty, was bent over with purple swollen hands grasping a stick appointing yet another PM.

The immediate outgoing PM was only outgoing as he was caught having parties, one on the day before the Queen was at the funeral of her husband. Since publishing this post Boris of course has let out an absolute banger of a speech in Parliament to remind us of what he oh so never lived up to. 

Sadly that is my enduring final memory of the Queen, the contradiction between Head of State and the Executive.  Politicians breaking the stupid rules they made for everyone else.  Even the Queen had to follow them.

Monarchy is always above elected politicians.  Duty above all.

And that is why "The Firm" will outlive the lot of them and those who seek to bring the institution down with their extremist politics, Netflix documentaries or their strange obsession with bickering over who will be the President and Head of State of any republic.  I am against this in New Zealand solely because we know precisely the quality of the person we would get and the weeping and wailing if anyone suggested was not woke enough.

I received a text from a friend who offered King Charles some fabulous unsolicited advice - 

"Charles should come out and say no rangas, no pedos and no grifters from Montecito.  The Brits would love him".

He would be best to follow it.


  1. Excellent piece! New Zealanders used to celebrate our awesome history, until they started to lose it sometime after WW2. Time to bring it back.

    1. Teach our own children their family history, better still we need to start quoting ourselves as Mr X (English, Irish, Scottish, German) as the Maori do with every tribal fence that's ever been jumped.

  2. The Monarchy is the highest form of organised society. We need to create it anew. Take the timeless strengths, the enduring traditions, the truth, and graft them onto a postmodern traditional Monarchy, stronger than ever. The Monarch stands giantlike above squabbling self serving politicians.

  3. Thank you Kate, a great essay, a tribute to a great institution and individual.
    Have a listen to this thoughtful talk, given in response to aa audience question a couple of ours after the news of her passing became known. Jordan Peterson exploring the perils of fame, the weight and grandeur of the monarchical system, the legacy of its longest-reigning Queen, the past and future of Britain and the great loss so many have to bear. A truly great discussion: 14 minutes,

    1. I enjoyed Cristiano Ronaldo instagramming his meeting with JP today. Personally I am more an Andrew Tate sort of inspirational speaker than Peterson who has not mentally risen above those who have bashed him.

  4. The first President of the Socialist Democratic Republic of New Zimbabwe will be Helen Clark. Imagine the damage Emperor Clark and Darth Ardern could wreck on the country together……

    1. This is why I will NEVER vote for Republicanism. I would rather King Andrew than President Helen.

    2. Could there be anything more hideous than Clark being president?
      Wife was doing her scone a few moments ago, shw saw a pic of Luxon signing the condolence book for QEII . . . he was in a room with no one around, wearing a mask. Time he realises he is making himself more unpopular by the day.

    3. "Could there be anything more hideous than Clark being president?" I was about to say NO but I have a very long list - Jim Bolger, xxx Mahuta...then I stopped as I am sure New Zealand is not that dumb. So many bad examples from all sides of politics.


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