The Casual Misogyny Of Low Expectations For Women's Sport

I read this from the team of $55m last year and had a chuckle.

Quelle surprise.  They are performing the first act of CHEATING at the tournament.  

It appears Eden Park is hosting a Rita Ora concert on 8th October. 

Between Rita's breaks for costumes and refreshments she is letting the field be used for three rugby matches.  

How patronising that pricing tickets at $5 and $10, watching 6 of the leading women's rugby teams and Eden Park catering, would not be good enough to pull a crowd?

Surely this idea could only be dreamed up by men? 

If Rita Ora wanted her own concert at Eden Park shouldn’t she have got her people to put one on?  I mean she only packs out arenas on her own worldwide with a banger pop playlist.

Or did Helen Clark not give permission for such a concert?

Why does Rita Ora need 6 womens rugby teams to prop up her attendance numbers?

Yes I post this comment entirely in jest.

This is not New Zealand's "Super Bowl". The Super Bowl doesn't need the half-time entertainment to get people to attend or be interested in it.

So not one but three games and a pop concert.

With ludicrously cheap ticket prices.

What organisers are overlooking in their stupidity is they expect people to sit in Eden Park for more than EIGHT hours. At the start of OCTOBER.  It’s freezing still.  

With much fanfare Grant Robertson went out there and boasted how amazing it was to have three women's world cups.  Cricket, Rugby and Soccer.

New Zealand has hosted a women's cricket World Cup and it was a total spectator BOMB. Who remembers any of it?  What has it done for the female game as it was played after the end of the New Zealand cricket season?  Tourist numbers nope, borders were closed for many.

I have played women's cricket and even I do not want to go to a game and it is not something I would watch regularly but for say a final.  I would rather watch schoolboy national rep teams in a tournament.  The same with rugby.  

The organisers of the women's rugby World Cup in the trilogy of girlie-gate taking doom have pulled this out of the hat, just one month before the tournament has started.  

Rita Ora, a self-tormented emo barely post-teenager and some bloke band world famous in New Zealand.

How bad were the pre-sales for the actual sport of women's rugby?

World rugby can spend as much of its own cash for this PR fluff and fraud to have the "largest crowd ever at a women's rugby match".

But how much of this casual misogyny of low expectations has been paid for by New Zealand taxpayers dollars?

If Twitter and media commentators were telling the truth these last months, this event was going to be "massive", "awesome" and a "game changer" for women's rugby, without playing in the gaps of a Rita Ora concert.

The worst part of this.

It is not a unique idea or innovative.  Katy Perry performed a concert for the T20 womens world cup final and they claimed 86,000 people attended.  

Yes, the worst part is that New Zealand has copied Australia.


  1. Most men (myself included) watch women's sport based on the attractiveness of it's participants. There in lies the problem for women's Rugby, Cricket and somewhat Netball.

    That is why women's football, tennis, athletics and lately Golf don't have this problem.

    Remember our surf lifesaving team (good chance of being world champions) had to part fund their world championship trip yet we can splash the cash on Waititi's missus.

  2. Ms Ora's appearance at Mt Eden is so big that it does not rate a mention on her own website (
    Just a bonus payout whilst en-route to her concert in Rio...One day to go and tickets are still for sale...


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