The Right And Our Fight To Be Seen To Be "Diverse"

The best example of how racist the left are is happening in Australia right now. The right have not worked out how to deal with this.

The hatred on anyone opposing the undefined “Voice”. The undefined silenced complete rort of “co-governance” creep.

We need to work this out immediately. It’s not hard. 

Australia and New Zealand are currently going through this.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a total political centre right wing rock star. Not only would I vote for her I would donate to any campaign she wishes.

New Zealand centre right activists need to study her. And learn. She is just 41 years old.

I’ve listened to Price for the best part of two years on Sky News. She’s an eloquent, intelligent woman of the centre right and yes Aboriginal. She ticks every box that they have in politics set by the woke.

She’s everything I’ve wanted in a new age leader of the centre right.

The Australian left hate her. With good reason. 

She’s also a natural leader. Good luck anyone debating her when it comes to areas of welfare, poverty and what needs to be done to reduce inequality. You will lose "bigly".

She’s lived in the shit bomb communities Australia have to deal with. 

She was elected on complete merit to the Senate in Australia. She’s better than any white woman or man from the Libs I’ve heard. Apart from Peter Dutton when he was on form, I would rate her my favourite current Australian Liberal. 

She’s someone who the Libs in Australia should be supporting and far more importantly protecting at all costs. She has more balls than any single centre-right politician in Australia has. And then some. 

Yet she’s the only one who has come out and said “The Voice” is utter rubbish as there is no Aboriginal “voice”. They, like any group of persons in the world have different voices and opinions.  Maori the same. There is no Maori voice, that’s patronising. Maori don’t all think one way. 

The proposed referendum in Australia has absolutely zero detail. No one can explain in Australia what it means. Albo has chucked it out without details of what it means. No one should be supporting it until we see the terms and conditions. It is not a “vibe”. Why would anyone support a referendum without details of what you are supporting? It’s madness.

Co-governance anyone? Same same.

The problem is Jacinta is out there providing leadership on her own saying what utter shite this referendum is. Primarily because there’s no detail.

NOONE is backing her up. The Libs are disgracing themselves not doing so. 

Peter Dutton has like Luxon in New Zealand with “co-governance” sat on the fence. 

Both are heavily sitting on the fence. So hard their balls must be dark blue by now. No one has outlined this “co-governance” either yet we know where it’s heading. I will tell you.

Your family home is going to be paying rates to Maori for the underlying land it sits on. Look at the model of ownership in Hong Kong if you don’t believe me. You’ll own your home but yearly you’ll pay a rate to lease it to the Communist master. I have lived this model and seen it for a decade.

We are waiting on the centre right for someone to stand up. There’s nothing wrong with being white and bald but where and how are you backing your troops?

They need to get off the fence. They need to support her and others like her.

Right now they’ll be others like her on the centre right but why would they stick their hand up when the rest of the centre right are too afraid to support people like her?

You can see the parallels when Cindy and Albo had their love in. “The Voice” is the same as New Zealand and this “co-governance”.

Dutton is letting Price go out and lead the charge. It’s weak. He’s looking weak. Price to my mind looks more of a leader than Dutton does. If that is her intention it is working! I suspect it’s not and right now she’s wondering wtf am I doing all the heavy lifting?

Dutton is doing next to nothing to back her up. 

He should be coming in, siding with her and his other Aboriginal MP's and supporting every interview she gives. He is not. He should. He needs to stand up every time she questions “the Voice”.

Luxon is waiting for a brown face in National to do the same on “co-governance”. His problem is he has no brilliant eloquent Jacinta Price to throw in front of the bus as a placeholder.  If he finds one it’s not good enough to let them do all the heavy lifting, you actually have to support them from the horrid left wing pile on these horrid people chuck at centre right candidates for their background. 

If he does not David Seymour and a resurgent Winston Raymond Peters will do it for him. 

Winston has already commenced such as he is smart enough to see the gap. Which is ironic given his “god-daughter” chaired and actually wrote He Puapua in a matter of a few months and has a very large scholarship from the Royal Society to write New Zealand’s constitution!

Claire is a Royal Society Rutherford Discovery Fellow (2019 - 2024) investigating constitutional transformation to realise Māori aspirations under te Tiriti o Waitangi drawing on lessons from around the globe, including from North and South America, the Pacific, Asia, Africa and also Northern Europe. See: here

Yep nothing to see here......... nothing at all from the daughter of Winnie's best fishing mate. He’s either been taken for a fool by these people during the whole He Puapua process or is in on the fix.  I don’t think it’s the later. 

The Libs currently don’t deserve Jacinta Price. She will be copping all manner of turd from her community for her strength of real leadership. That’s what centre right political parties don’t understand. 

When you get someone outside your bubble willing to push your views because they are on your team, you don’t let them do it alone. You need to support them. Defend them as your life depends on it. Attack the left when eventually the left turn mad on them. Attack the left violently. 

Engage in some dirty politics. Because it is all politics and right now everything on the left defending their Queen Jacinda is bloody dirty. We need to cop them a few paid "Neale Jones" hits to the face back. 

In Australia every Liberal MP, Senator and member should be chucking bombs back to defend Price. That’s how hard her job is now. She is their rock star. Dutton is sitting back like some sort of pleb holding a beer at the back of the bar. He should elevate her to his deputy immediately and run that path together. Price is the next Liberal leader in waiting.

The current New Zealand landscape is to attack the centre right for not having “diversity” but the issue is this. National got diversity with Jami Lee Ross, Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett, Greenie woke Nikki Kaye. It’s all been a complete disaster. That was because the hierarchy all made them compete against themselves in some sort of sick political hunger games for attention.

In the meantime Luxon needs to harden up and come out hard against co-governance. 

It’s not what the Treaty was about and everything about it is wrong and complete revisionist history of what never happened.

Politics in this age is not a genteel sport. This is nothing short of a war.

It is time the centre right and National realise this as do the Libs in Australia and act for wartimes.

Price is currently left hanging doing the work of men and women of the Liberals.

Luxon needs to front up in New Zealand and do the same.

To do so wins both parties the next elections.

To not do so on either side of the Tasman will lose the battle and the war.

The Nats right now need a Jacinta Price. They need to find one.


When we do we need to support them and never let them go. 


  1. Luxon has already made it clear, I have heard this directly from him in first person, co governance only matters to 9% of voters, so he doesn't care.

    1. Climate change will matter to fewer people than that when they get sent the bill for this undefinable, unattainable "net zero".

  2. I have no confidence that Luxon will do this, because I have no confidence that he (or anyone else in National) is actually against this.

    1. He will have no choice when his only two coalition partners are ACT and/or NZF.

  3. As for this country. We are past the point where the trajectory can be changed and the People's Republic of New Zimbabwe now is a formality just a timing issue based on how many electoral cycles occur between now and when Chloe becomes our first non-binary PM.........

    1. She will be on her second marriage by then to a rugby loving accountant called Brian and they'll have 2 children. There is no way she can keep up the current act she is putting on.

  4. Judith pushed this issue but simply got labelled a racist.

    I agree the leader needs to support the spokesperson, but the spokespeople need to also support the leader. Unfortunately, Judith was left alone with no troops alongside. (Luxon was local government, Bridges crown-māori relations)

    This left her vulnerable to attack from the left.

    It's incredibly hard for a right-wing politician to get a message across when all politicians rely on the media to be their conduit with the electorate. Even harder when they appear to not have the support of their caucus.

  5. I’ve watched Jacinta Price on Sky News and she’s very impressive. Not only is she smart, articulate and the real deal, but she’s a really warm personality. I hope she gets the support she deserves

    1. She's fantastic. She is either the world's best actor or the real deal. I go for the later.

  6. No sensible honest person can have any confidence in Luxon. He does not have what it takes. He leaves all the heavy lifting to Seymour and is terrified of offending anyone and therefore offends many. He can't think on or off his feet. Sadly, many National voters believe that corporate experience gives a person political skills, judgment and the ability to manage a caucus. There is no such equivalence.

  7. ACT's Karen Chhour appears to fit the bill on this side of the Tasman: Maori, institutionalised at a very young age, shunted around within the OT system, escaped, built a very productive life and a family, then entered Parliament when the opportunity was offered to her by Seymour. And she hasn't wasted her time or the taxpayer's dollars sitting at the back of the House doing nothing of consequence. Labour's maori caucus can't defeat her, woke academics can't cancel her because she's maori and most of them aren't, and National can't pidgeon-hole her because she breaks all of their candidate selection protocols (male(x), blonde(x), religious(x), wardrobe full of Hallenstein blue suits(x), problems with MPI(x))


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