The Woke New Zealand Twitter Left's Disgusting Show Today

Have a trip over to the undignified New Zealand twitter left sewer and you find them at their finest exercising selective kindness

All triggering themselves today thanks to the death of our Queen, they are spewing bile about the Monarchy.

I will just leave a link here to nations with active Lese-majeste laws.  The list is still very long and far reaching given the populations of the countries involved.

Three-quarters of the ungracious, nasty, pro-nouned and far-left activists would be in jail by now with these views in many countries around the world.

They should today be bloody grateful they live in a colonised modern western democracy with a rule of law that still has the freedom to be as bloody rude as you wish about the dead.

Contrary to revisionism Treaty activism taught to radicalise young Maori and silly "white saviour" persons, Maori historically hold the Royal Family with great esteem.  

Maori tripped over themselves to meet the Queen and engage with her, especially when the Honours are handed out.  Maori elders rather like the idea of the flattery of Knight and Damehoods.  Funny that. Fraudster Ngatata Love apparently infamously engineered a trip to England to receive his in person!

So next time vile New Zealand activists are engaging in protesting......... "let us get rid of this undemocratic, worn out institution where your power is obtained from a mythical God and via birthright, they're all inbred, they don't represent all of us, some are criminals, they're corrupt, cash for access, thieves of the peasants wealth and it is all a mess as they have disowned some members of the family".

Remind them.

The Tainui Trucker, Te Arikinui Tūheitia Paki, is somewhere in a corner just quietly saying to himself "hold my beer".


  1. Power by birthright. Is that like being born with Willie, Nanaia or Debbie’s magic genes?

  2. One thing these leftist anti-monarchy scumbags won't be doing in protest - working on the declared public holiday!


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