Why Didn't Ardern Invite Luxon To The Queen's Funeral?

I have not heard this question asked all week.

If National were in office now the left would be asking the same question as to why their leader was not invited.

This should not be a political moment.

QE2 was responsible for more decolonisation under her reign and ending more slavery than any other Monarch.  Find us one country however that has done better than it was under the colonisation regime unless they had oil.



Slavery is still occurring.....today.  In countries that have decolonised. Yes and one country doing it is hosting the soccer world cup very shortly.

Let us also forget the Ottoman period.  To most people it now is the name of a bloody reasonably uncomfie chair.  History is not a strong point when people criticise the UK.

Ardern got to take ten New Zealanders.  Wouldn't the first pick be the Leader of the Opposition?  And then every other woke pick after?

Willie Apiata gets to go by right which he should so that was not even a decision. The Tainui Trucker Maori King Kiingi Tūheitia who isn't the King of all Maori is just a joke.  Again as I have argued, Maori are enamoured by Royalty. The Tainui Trucker bowing and scraping over in London is no better example. Sir Stephen O'Regan attending is another joke.

Why would both actually go?  Even if invited.

Apiata gets an automatic invite. Ardern should have taken Cindy Kiro as the GG and Luxon and that be it.  Everyone else invited can go if invited directly by London. John Key and his whole family got to hang with the Queen the entire weekend, no invite. National got one rep, Don McKinnon. He is not a bad representative as he can dress himself and behave appropriately but why oh why again?

When we look at the fallout for the colonial whinging the Kohinoor diamond non-scandal is an hilarious example. The second it was aired it should go back to India, every other country claiming that it was stolen from them lined up!  India got the pile on.

Today, the diamond is on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London[citation needed]. The governments of India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan have all claimed ownership of the Koh-i-Noor and demanded its return ever since India gained independence from the UK in 1947[citation needed]. The British government insists the gem was obtained legally under the terms of the Last Treaty of Lahore and has rejected the claims.[citation needed]

I am surprised Maori haven't put a claim in.  

When you win battles, you get the spoils.  Harden up.

As I write this, I have just witnessed an appalling interview where our Dear Leader on BBC basically pawed all over King Charles. Small r for Republican indeed.  

Jacinda Ardern I bet is a bloody Monarchist!

All her words were about Republicanism happening after her regime. Given I hope this is the end of 2023 she's at least telling the truth for once.

No problem with that but I bet that underneath it, Jacinda is a Monarchist.

She is in London watching the most incredible scenes of our lifetimes.  

People queuing for an entire day to nod a few minutes in front of a coffin.  

There has been no more remarkable week of human interaction. The BBC has the live stream of "the snake".

Remember all maskless during a period Ardern is still trying to make us fear there is a pandemic!!

It is the most incredible showing of grief and reflection we have all ever seen.

It is the single strongest show of strength of a people and support we will ever know.  It is quite a remarkable response from people in London.

Every hater of Royalty and western civilisation needs to look on both in awe and fear.  

It was intimidatory and it should be. Ardern should be intimidated as she is over there.  

For years people have run their mouth at our civilisation and everything it stands for, this response has been beyond anything imaginable.  Most New Zealanders, Maori included have ancestry where she is standing right now. An entire nations whakapapa. They can deny it all they like but most Maori whakapapa back to the UK.

Ardern should have asked her opposition leader to the funeral of the greatest leader of our lifetime.  She did not.

If she was such a Republican, if Maori were so badly treated, then why the hell did any of them take one of the ten slots to attend?  And why did they go?

So many questions, so many BBC hand gestures.

Ardern is a Monarchist.



  1. Labour is likely to be kicked out at the next election. If they agitate for a republic now, then they effectively lose control of forming the new Constitution. Where would that leave co-governance and the progressive agenda? Probably in safe hands under National, but at least there would be a genuine referendum on the matter. Even Republican’s might vote for the status quo if the alternative was dilution of democracy.

    And if Ardern has any ambition to be the first President of Aotearoa then she needs to stay above the fray. Far better to lose the next election, enjoy some lucrative years overseas, and then be reluctantly called home to unify a fractious country. Fat chance in my opinion, but we live in strange times.

    1. Ardern will be lining up behind all the washed up old politicos like Clark, Bolger and any of the MahutaCorp lot.

      The new constitution btw is already underway with the author of He Puapua.......funded by this. Five years of it.

      Claire is a Royal Society Rutherford Discovery Fellow (2019 - 2024) investigating constitutional transformation to realise Māori aspirations under te Tiriti o Waitangi drawing on lessons from around the globe, including from North and South America, the Pacific, Asia, Africa and also Northern Europe. See: https://www.royalsociety.org.nz/what-we-do/funds-and-opportunities/rutherford-discovery-fellowships/rutherford-discovery-fellowship-recipients/claire-charters/.

  2. You would be a brave or stupid republican to raise the issue now. Even each way Albo the mentalist isn't raising it now. Rust doesn't sleep though.

    The answer is more simple than that - Brenda Ardern is a trougher. She loves a party especially if it is at someone's cost. Brenda luvs to be fussed over as all narcissists do. This is far more more fun being dressed up, meeting important people and attending events than sorting out issues such as child poverdy.

    It also serves a secondary purpose that she learns about what to wear. Last time she was in the UK - she tried the 'Kate look' - but didn't have the pins to carry it. Now the "Anne look' - while still not flattering better than the druss she cobbles together here.

  3. Cynically scrabbling for popularity as she skids into the abyss. Her nudge department misread the play, and five years of incompetence has destroyed any sense of the "consent of the governed". They will be trying to rub up close to steal some legitamacy pheromes.


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