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The Casual Misogyny Of Low Expectations For Women's Sport

I read this from the team of $55m last year and had a chuckle. Quelle surprise.  They are performing the first act of CHEATING at the tournament.   It appears Eden Park is hosting a Rita Ora concert on 8th October.  Between Rita's breaks for costumes and refreshments she is letting the field be used for three rugby matches.   How patronising that pricing tickets at $5 and $10, watching 6 of the leading women's rugby teams and Eden Park catering, would not be good enough to pull a crowd? Surely this idea could only be dreamed up by men?  If Rita Ora wanted her own concert at Eden Park shouldn’t she have got her people to put one on?  I mean she only packs out arenas on her own worldwide with a banger pop playlist. Or did Helen Clark not give permission for such a concert? Why does Rita Ora need 6 womens rugby teams to prop up her attendance numbers? Yes I post this comment entirely in jest. This is not New Zealand's "Super Bowl". The Super Bowl doesn't need the