Winston Raymond Peters and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan - Two Peas In A Love Pod

My initial reaction is that Winston Raymond Peters (WRP) should not go to Turkey as a form of protest against threats to send New Zealanders home in a body bag like our ancestors. Charming. As tempting as it was to think WRP could reach a sticky end, I was wondering what the hell death wish he had once the local consul prepared some due diligence on their visitor. The problem is that the more I read of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (RTE) the more I see he is full of as much shit as WRP.   They could possibly get along, if only RTE could take some whisky diplomacy. At the weekend Erdogan used extracts of video footage of the attack in one of his election campaign rallies to condemn Islamophobia in Western countries. Peters said he was heading to Turkey to put the record straight. "They asked me to come and I'm going to go. "I certainly intend to put New Zealand's record as being an innocent party to an act of a foreigner in our country." I do not

The NZ Political Left And The Uranium On Their Breath

The face you make when you realise you're allowing Winston Peters to speak on your behalf to immigrants. “We never thought it could happen in NZ”, “This is not us”...."Kia Kaha Christchurch"..."Resilience".  (insert random cliches). I’m sorry NZ but this is you and it has happened. Put your big girl and boy pants on. For many years NZ has lived in a child-like utopia that terrorism doesn’t happen to us if we are all nice to people. We sit on the fence on diplomatic matters. It will never happen in such a quiet place. If we stay still we will never be a target. We have strict gun laws as opposed to America and this will never happen.  Well it has happened and now NZ has to face facts that it is a grown up in a grown ups world. We now await a Muslim terror response to a young white male Australian with a  penchant to travel in North Korea and China, coming to Christchurch and acting in what seems to be entirely on his own   in live action

What The Huawei Is Going On With China? - Part III

Further to - Part 1  - Part 2 So today the Herald has concluded there is a "thaw" in NZ's relations with China.  Seriously? When the delay to the launch of the New Zealand/China year of tourism was revealed by the Herald last month, Ardern said it was because of "scheduling issues". It was meant to be launched in mid-February but was postponed by the Chinese. The delay raised eyebrows considering it was at the same time as New Zealand security officials raised questions about Huawei providing 5G services in New Zealand. It launched a wave of scepticism around New Zealand's relationship with China and the Prime Minister was forced on the defensive for days. Considering the Chinese New Year fell on 5 February this year these are not long delays. The new ceremony will be on 29th March. There are now a number of scenarios.  None of them that good for the players involved: 1. The Herald's campaign of articles and opinion bagg

TWG Review - Marama, Who Are This "Wealthy Elite" You Speak Of?

It is all very good to beat the drums that we are going after the "wealthy elite", the problem is that as I have previously analysed , to people like Marama Davidson most of you reading this will fall under the category. Speaking at the party's summer policy conference in Wellington, Davidson pushed back on attacks against the CGT from the "wealthy elite" who she said held the political system hostage. "The resistance to the capital gains tax by the wealthy elite, who often own multiple properties, shows that our political system is still held hostage by the people who benefit from an unregulated housing market," Davidson said. No Dear, the reason there is attacks on CGT is because we all know the real wealthy elites will not be touched by it.   The real people hit will be quite normal people. We also know that supporting any of these taxes will result in demand for more taxes by mad money-hungry leftists like yourself.  "

TWG Review - Why are Maori Authorities Taxed at 17.5%?

I do not have an issue with Maori authorities being taxed at 17.5%.  Not at all.  I just wish the rate could apply to everyone. So when Maori MP, Kiri Allan (Michael Cullen's instagram BFF) gets a bit tipsy on it, there now needs to be a question answered as to WHY Maori get this treatment?  It is not "gutter ball", it is a legitimate question that Cullen covered in the TWG that Labour requested was looked at - equitable taxation. Have a look at this from Treasury back in 2010.   The paper looked at the position of moving the rate from 19.5% to 17.5%. 4. At the time that the revised Māori authority regime was proposed in 2002, it was estimated that approximately 90% of Māori individuals earned less than $38,000 per year, meaning they had a statutory tax rate of 19.5%. The 19.5% rate was therefore the appropriate proxy for the tax rate applicable to the majority of Māori Authority members. The 19.5% rate has not changed since its introduction. 5. Sub

Shipley's Time As Running Dog Over?

Jenny Shipley entered Parliament in 1987.  I remember her fondly along with Ruth Richardson, when she appeared on TV, as far back as when I was at primary school.  They were the Yin and Yang of NZ politics at the time.  Shipley was the matronly porky housewife, everyone's rural mother, to Richardson's harsher more regimented fit and drilled presentation.  For a young female who watched the news nightly along with the family, these two were the first real leading female political role models of our generation and even the one before it.  Everything prior was male and pale.  My grandmother (a Tory to that point herself, however very much a Muldoon fan) pathologically hated them both.  She hated Shipley about a thousand times more when Shipley sacked her Darling Winston.  The first time she spoke about that she muttered a swear word.  It was the first and only time I ever heard her swear. In 1990 Shipley was given the job of Minister of Social Welfare.  A rather outrag

TWG Review - Liam Dann First To Be Bullied By Ninth Floor

Yesterday the Ninth Floor via J acinda Ardern said this : "There is a large group of New Zealanders, particularly young New Zealanders now who actually, if their aspiration has been homeownership has just become harder and harder. There's a group of New Zealanders who don't have columns in the Herald, who might not be having a chance to have their say on this. Today Liam Dann is the first journalist to leave his nuts safely tucked up at home and produces this : " The noise around the Tax Working Group's proposal has become deafening. Sorry if I've been part of that ". Sorry? What the fuck for? Being a man? Actually let's not. It is blatantly clear that Labour having deemed their own handling a crisis, are now in crisis mode to shame journalists and writers in general for daring to actually have an opinion in what they have asked for in the first place - a debate.  Dirty dirty politics indeed.