Thursday, February 21, 2019

TWG Review - Treachery in the Ranks

I went through the background of each tax working group review member the other day .

Surprisingly there were three dissenters who did not agree with all the recommendations of the TWG.   Joanne Hodge, Robin Oliver and Kirk Hope.  I say "surprisingly" as first up we had policy wonk Robin Oliver dissenting for the introduction of any new tax.  Hodge and Hope were welcome surprises to stick up for the taxpayer.  

While the political leanings of Cullen, van den Belt, Rosenberg and Raumati-Tu'ua would be bleedingly obvious, had the following alleged pro-business members of the TWG stood up and dissented as well it would have thrown the entire TWG into disarray and in all likelihood force Labour to drop the silly ideas altogether. Malarao works at Meredith Connell in enforcement so it is likely he would have a left of centre view on tax.

So the members guilty of treachery follow - Elliffe, Nightingale and Redington.   All from business and accounting backgrounds, Elliffe and Nightingale having made their wealth off careers working for the taxpayer and all happy to sign off on introducing new taxes.

Remember them if any of these new taxes affect your life in any way.  

They had a chance to be heroes and to nix the whole thing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

TWG Review - Maori and Tax

We all know that Maori collectively own large clumps of land in New Zealand.  Some of it more productive than others.  We all know that Maori own collectively tens of billions of dollars of assets in New Zealand.  A lot of it currently paying zero tax and rates at all.  Not surprisingly the TWG found the 17.5% tax rate for Maori authorities "appropriate" although they wanted it extended to subsidiaries!

The TWG have in other words bent over backwards to exempt Maori as much as possible.

The TWG remember is meant to be designing a system of tax that uses resources more efficiently.  That is why they dug into residential housing because there is a belief that your $ in providing rental housing is less efficient and not as good as your $ investing to artificially prop up our underperforming company CEO's and boards with compulsory Kiwisaver.

So how did the TWG deal with Maori?  They effectively hospital passed it with many waffly references back to the politicians to deal with.  The language is highly amusing if you read between the lines.

c) considers that some types of transactions relating to collectively owned Māori assets merit specific treatment in light of their distinct context.
c) recommends that the Government engages further with Māori to determine the most appropriate treatment of transactions relating to collectively owned Māori assets.

The section headlined "Te Ao Māori perspectives on wellbeing and living standards" is a right doozy. Leading into this entirely meaningless diagram titled "He Ara Waiora - A Pathway towards Wellbeing".  I hate to claim I am an expert in much in life as those who do are usually immediately proved wrong, but I am an expert in cutting through waffle and euphemisms.

Dollars to donuts this "pathway towards wellbeing" will not involve the tangata whenua sticking their hands up in one of the many pricey hui with pricier consultants offering to pay more tax themselves will it?!!

Figure 2.1: He Ara Waiora - A Pathway towards Wellbeing

Cheers thanks for that.

So the TWG have considered (but not really) that in a report on tax that consideration must be made to all manner of things Tikanga and environmental.  Then fails to actually do that as it is not their job to make statements about natural resources

76. If Māori rights and interests can be addressed, there could be a role for making greater use of tax instruments to address water quality with current tools, especially for nitrogen, and especially for regions struggling with excessive discharges. Even tax instruments using simple estimation approaches are likely to be preferable to having no tax instruments.

Say what?

Māori rights and interests

85. Any potential water taxes will need to take account of Māori rights and interests in water. There are well established concerns about questions of access, as well as ownership. Māori have less access to water than other land owners. Analysis from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) suggests that in drier regions of New Zealand, only 3% of good quality Māori-owned land is irrigated, compared to 27% of all good quality land. There is ongoing work to better address Māori rights and interest in water, including through the Waitangi Tribunal and discussions between the Crown and iwi/Māori.

If Maori wish to have irrigation they can pay to have it and they have enough money to do so. Quite why it is in the scope of the TWG to make comments about Maori access to water or its ownership, is beyond me.  In any case there is a library of submissions in Appendix C that will have consultants able to live like Kings for years with this process.  Bottom line is because Maori collectively own assets and are unlikely to sell those assets, capital gains is unlikely to apply in any instance so it is much fuss about nothing unlike say any form of wealth tax.

Māori issues

Tikanga framework (Draft)
Māori authorities
Extending of taxation of capital gains and Māori interface
Extending the taxation of capital income: implications for Māori collectively-owned assets
Understanding impacts for Māori and update on Te Ao Māori framework
Māori collectively held assets and capital income

In essence Maori should have the same rights as any other race when it comes to collective ownership of assets and should pay tax in the same way and at the same rate.  Of course they will not as politically they get preferential treatment but the pandering in the TWG to look politically correct and woke is rather humorous.  

Māori collectively owned assets

24. The Group recognises that taxation of capital gains could create an impediment to a Māori organisation's ability to regain ownership over land lost as a result of historical Crown action. Accordingly, rollover should be provided for transactions relating to recovery by Māori authorities of such land.

The best they have come up with is what is called 'rollover" treatment, which basically means Maori can put off paying taxes forever.  More engagement with Maori in addition to the five hui that the TWG undertook is required which as we know means - more cash for Maori consultants and experts to come up with the outcome that Maori can end up paying nothing.

Sigh.  At a time there is a new digital services tax where Google and Facebook etc have to pay their "fair share", effectively our largest group involved in largest legitimate tax avoidance in New Zealand  (being Maori owned assets worth more than $50 billion) get to pay stuff all tax.

TWG Review - Why The CGT Exemptions?

So today the long awaited Tax Working Group has come out with its recommendations.  The full report is out at 

I wish to cover first how silly the exemptions in the report are in for Capital Gains Tax. The Report at 2a and 2b states the TWG:

"recommends including gains and most losses from all types of land and improvements (except the family home), shares, intangible property and business assets".
"recommends not including personal-use assets (such as cars, boats or other household durables)".

1. Why exempt the family home from Capital Gains Tax?

If the only answer is that it is politically unsaleable then there is absolutely zero justification for the exemption.  If the next answer is "but other countries do not do it," then again there is zero justification.  The proposed rates of CGT to be your marginal rate without an inflation adjustment, are some of the harshest in the world and as a NZ resident would apply on offshore assets as well.

A political party actually interested in any notion of "equality", "fairness" and wishing to raise a serious amount of tax from a CGT would not exempt the majority of residential property from this policy.

Equity and fairness impacts

46. Equity and fairness concerns provide the strongest rationale for contemplating an extension of capital gains taxation. A broad extension to taxing capital gains would improve the fairness of the tax system by reducing inconsistency in the treatment of income, no matter how it is earned. It would also increase the progressivity of the tax system.

47. In forming this overall judgement, however, the Group acknowledges that a number of new inconsistencies would arise from various aspects of the design (such as the exclusion of the family home, which was required by the Terms of Reference).

In other words read in conjunction with the other mentions of "family home" I get the strong view that the TWG (Cullen) actually wanted to consider the family home.  

It all comes from this whole notion that the family home is a "sacred cow" which should not be touched with tax.  If "tax is love" as Max Harris, Shamubeel Eaqub and the IRD want us to believe then we are simply not allowed to love tax when it is on the most loved asset a family owns.  Yet decent tax policy should contain no such emotion.

We all know people who have bought and sold a family home several times in the last 10 years and made a small fortune doing so. In doing so they have probably made more than they have from salary and wages and more than people who than have flicked the odd rental property.  These are people so in "love" with the family home that they keep selling and buying a new one, moving the family around (usually) Auckland in order to pocket a gain and keep "moving up the housing ladder".  Which is a nice way of saying - "moving into nicer, whiter neighbourhoods in better school zones after we have coined it on a reno".  That is the "kiwi" way.  The kiwi way which has resulted in property prices spiralling upwards and the obsession with property even after the Chinese several years bailed out leaving baby boomers to take up the risk at an even higher end of the market.

A calculation needs to be done of the tax that would have been gained in the last even 5 years if there was no exemption for the family home and CGT was applied.  Of course this is impossible given the statistics are not kept and Labour did not even allow the TWG to look at it.  This was a mistake in my opinion, if not politically but in terms of the credibility of the entire TWG.  They were not asked to look at it when they should if they were a truly independent working group.

2. Art 

The report discusses this:

40. This exclusion would also apply to jewellery, fine art, taonga and other collectables (rare coins, vintage cars etc). The Group accepts that these assets are distinguishable from other types of personal-use assets because they are often purchased as investments and are usually expected to increase in value. Excluding these types of assets from an extension of the taxation of capital gains may incentivise investment in such assets over more productive assets. However, at this time, the Group proposes to exclude these assets for reasons of simplicity and compliance cost reduction. This concession should be monitored and, if necessary, revisited in the future, either entirely or by tax applying over a certain threshold.

Example 26: Personal-use assets
Penny owns an artwork. The artwork will be a personal-use asset and will not be subject to an extension of the taxation of capital gains.

By far the most objectionable exemption of the lot, given that only reasonably wealthy people buy art that is likely to appreciate in value.  This is the "luvvie" exemption and completely unjustifiable other than to make Act funder Jenny Gibbs happy.  Inside every mansion in Auckland or Wellington will lie a small fortune in art.  This is what wealthy people do with their spare change - they buy art.  I cannot think of a justification for it as it is not a "household durable" or a "personal use" asset.  

Why is a middle class earners rental property now taxed but Jenny Gibbs' art worth more than most rental property exempt from gains?

And the TWG admits these assets are purchased as investments and EXPECTED to increase in value.  Yes, like residential property and shares.  No one buys a major asset other than a car expecting it to lose value.  This reasoning is just inane.  As is the TWG saying it is excluding them for "simplicity and compliance cost".  When you read the complexity of the residential property CGT and examples of the different permutations in the report there is no justification not to include these assets as well as they are very easy to tax at the source of most sales - the auctioneers.

3. Cars

For most people the thought their car would appreciate in value is ridiculous since it drops a small fortune just leaving the car sales lot but this again is a ridiculous exemption. Those buying cars that appreciate in value are two sorts of persons - multi-millionaires who are on waiting lists with Giltraps and Continental Cars for luxury cars they can resell the right to be on the waiting list before the car actually lands in the country. The other sort are classic car collectors, again who are more than moderately wealthy anyway to afford to even keep the things on the road.

4. Rare coins

Anyone else find it strange that "rare" coins can increase in value and not be taxed but a modern day coin is now taxed on its gain in every other form?

I will keep reading and have a look next I think at the recommendations for Maori assets.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

What The Huawei Is Going On With China? - Part II

So after much fuss in their shock and awe PR campaign, Huawei The Herald have suddenly gone silent with stories of China doom.  They've either run out or ceased to be supplied with them through previous channels.

The last to run was on Monday that trumpeted the "China Chill hits New Zealand Schools - Student downturn may hit Kiwi parents in pockets".  This was of course total nonsense.

"Patrick Gale, principal of the country's biggest school Rangitoto College, said 71 Chinese students had enrolled to study at the college this year but 10 per cent cancelled their enrolments".  

So seven.  Woopie.

"Schools, private training institutes and polytechnics are worst hit. Chinese student visas dropped during the year to December by 30 per cent in private institutes, 10 per cent in polytechnics and 5 per cent in schools".

So a meagre five percent in schools, ten in techs and thirty in these "private institutes".  University enrolments were UP.

And here is the kicker:

Craig Musson of Independent Tertiary Education NZ (Itenz), which represents private institutes, said the decline from China was being compounded by an Immigration NZ decision to process most offshore visa applications in Mumbai, India, which has caused delays as the new Mumbai staff get up to speed.

So in other words the dodgy Indian enrolments has caused Chinese to stay away from private institutes causing a drop of 30 percent of Chinese enrolments.  This was precisely what the changes in policy was designed to do and New Zealanders are happy with.  To keep dodgy enrolments for waste of time courses away from New Zealand.  The Indians ruined the rort for everyone.

Last year, there was a reported drop off in Chinese enrolments to the year June 2018. Well before any questions of major diplomatic issues with China.  Once again the only people who want more Chinese students around Auckland, Wellington and other regions with high rents, are those usually private providers scamming them out of coin so they can come to New Zealand, not integrate into the community, continue to speak in their native tongue, work part-time in an immigration scam of a job  then eventually gain New Zealand residency so they used to be able to go backdoor to Australia once their parents have come over and parked themselves in New Zealand with access to health and welfare benefits.  

Winston Peters meanwhile wasted a bit of time in dealing with the PR campaign by Huawei to bring in all manner of "China experts" on the subject.  When an article appeared attributed to Jenny Shipley (something she said apparently but at a different time), Peters had this to say:

"It is actually extraordinary that some who has so little knowledge of banking, for example, should be in the second biggest bank in China," Peters said at Parliament
"If you know about the BNZ and that scandal and the Winebox and everything else, she exhibited no financial understanding of commerce whatsoever, so what do I make of this is that there is somebody else just selling out New Zealand interests."

When asked if he was really saying she was selling out New Zealand he said: "Yes, I've said that for a long time."

The Peters of old would have slapped in a few lines about her directorship in Mainzeal and how she is a running dog for China, but maybe he had other things on his mind or has softened.

Funnily enough on Tuesday as soon as Jacinda Ardern made comment the story has slowed to a halt:

Huawei "never were not" in the running, she said. "There was a very quick interpretation of what had happened... The legislation sets out a process. The GCSB have raised concerns, that is in the public domain, they have gone back to Spark with those concerns. Now the ball is in Spark's court."

Meanwhile "China expert" Anne-Marie Brady agrees with me:

"She said the New Zealand media was overplaying the breakdown in the New Zealand China relationship. "The New Zealand media are so distorting this, it's painful to watch.".

She needs to be careful, Huawei The Herald may send someone around to have a look through her rubbish bin although it is a long way for their Bin Retrieval Specialist Carolyne Meng-Yee to get down there .

We await where the next pressure point will come from in the campaign but in the meantime the rest of the week's media will revolve around the Tax Working Group report due out tomorrow.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

What The Huawei Is Going On With China?

It is quite clear after reading NZ mainstream media's excited trumpeting this last week on China that none of them have a clue about what is really happening with the NZ-China relationship and the implications of that.

This is hardly surprising as no one in a privileged position to understand what the Chinese really think of New Zealand and what they actually are doing about it, would ever talk about it out of turn let alone to media.  

We are all just guessing.

Anyone that influential in China understands that the Mainland not only watches its own people closely, they issue J Visas to journalists who forever are tagged and watched wherever they are.  Are journalists phones, laptops and wifi use monitored? Well I have a bridge to sell you if you think for one minute they are not and cannot be.  The Chinese regime know who they are and what they do even if they haven't ever been in the country.  And maybe even have enough information to right now know their sources are and communications with them.  Senior members of the New Zealand media justify publishing private correspondences with them when they feel personally aggrieved enough having used you as a source and confidant, so no one upon no one should trust the security of information that potentially could have a source offside with the Chinese regime for talking out of turn.  

The Chinese through direct government and large corporates have been influencing New Zealand media now for as many years as you could care to remember.  They have managed to do so in such a subtle manner that the media have yet to question why large Chinese companies have funded “friendship” trips to the Mainland for journalists, conferences, sponsored sections and scholarships.  They would be naive to think nothing was required in return for this.  

The New Zealand Herald ran a “sky is falling” campaign recently with most of its leading political and business commentators concluding upsetting China over Huawei and its 5G equipment rollout saw a strong arming New Zealand and this turn in relations is just a recent phenomenon.  A very small sample:


The problem is that everything they have come up with as evidence so far shows no more than the usual administrative and diplomatic difficulties dealing with China.  It is a very hard country to do business with even when you have a supposed “free” trade agreement.

A bit of fish doesn’t get through customs during the very busy Chinese New Year period and the headline is “Sanford reports issues”, yet they did not attribute them to recent deterioration in the NZ/China relationship. “Sanford is not attributing its recent administrative issues getting shipments cleared to the deteriorating New Zealand-China relationship”.  Nothing to see there.

Air NZ

An Air NZ plane gets turned around and we temporarily lost our shit.  Investigations apparently showed the airline itself stuffed up referencing Taiwan, of which China took exception to.  A school child studying history in the region would be aware of the diplomatic issues with this and likely result!


The paper, regarded as the mouthpiece for the Chinese government, quotes a traveller who saved more than $3,200 to come to New Zealand but cancelled his plans.

"Is it a kind of robbery? New Zealand stabbed us in the back but asks for our money? This is double-faced," a Beijing-based worker told the Global Times.  The self-confessed Chinese patriot said he decided to travel to neighbouring countries over resentment towards New Zealand.

You mean Australia?! Lol they apparently have their own reported deteriorating relations with China as well. Samoa? Fiji? Tonga? Fill his boots.  One swallow doesn’t ruin a summer as much as it makes it.  If NZ is “double-faced” it has two faces less than a chap like this would have as he spent his $3,200 on a Chinese tour operator, Chinese airline, Chinese owned tourist attractions, a Chinese owned hotel at local Chinese owned restaurants and then finally some NZ milk powder and honey but only to take home and resell for a profit.  A patriot doesn’t spend money overseas on anything but his own culture.

The problem for the alarmists is that fewer Chinese tourists would be welcome by most New Zealanders currently as they have had to go through their everyday lives surrounded by tour buses of first time travellers, inconvenience and inflationary prices because of them.  Many seem unaware of such social norms as not standing in the middle of the main street in Arrowtown to take pictures not to mention some of the more anti-social swamping habits of the Chinese tourist.  New Zealand’s infrastructure currently cannot handle more of them and spending some time in Auckland and Queenstown over summer will convince you of this.  New Zealanders (like all westerners around the world) given the choice would have fewer Chinese in their country all round.  You get the feeling Winston Peters is already aware of this and is willing to run the risk anyway?

Queue column inches from “experts” about how to repair alleged damage to this supposed 2019 Year of Tourism between NZ and China.  Then to top it off this from the NZ Honorary Consul to Yumai  who has the not so brilliant solution to immediately not only send the hapless Kelvin Davis over but Princess Mahuta.  If the Chinese do not have a problem with us now they will once these space-wasters are sent.  The loss of face to the relationship would be permanent once the Mainland Chinese advisors did a quick google and saw how useless these two were and in how low regard both have performed in reputation stakes over the years. 

Ex-Feltex carpetlayer and it seems pro-Huawei, business consultant David Mahon gave his business a great advertorial when he made a claim, that up until twelve months ago New Zealand had a brilliant relationship with China.  Really? Just twelve months? Ron Mark seemed to be the only person who gave him any reality check this week saying "he'd rather not comment on the statements of one businessman with clear commercial interests". 

The Chinese are indeed an exercise in contradiction when it comes to “loss of face” and relationship building.  They seem very happy to have in the past dealt repeatedly with Winston Peters, a man who actively opposes their immigration and won elections and popularity solely on anti-Chinese racism.  Peters is however more popular with the Chinese than the female Ardern.  National as a strong opposition have weighed in with their own agenda and concerns to embarrass Ardern and Peters however no evidence thus far has been presented there is a major problem.  Now Peters is apparently wanted as a dinner date by the Ambassador. Ardern and her Clarke nowhere on the guest list?

If our relationship with China has been “brilliant” it hasn’t been because New Zealand has been a strong independent partner in the relationship. New Zealand has become more the emotionally battered wife in the FTA (free trade) relationship whereby it has accepted everything thrown at it by the larger partner and in return has had its bills paid and didn’t dare do anything to upset the apple cart.  China are expecting NZ to be "faithful" and "trustworthy" to it in this FTA without any sort of acknowledgement of a “special relationship” we have with the USA, Australia, Canada or the UK. All the time China have been running around the world bending everyone else over the table.  If they actually are upset then it is about time.  

From my now well-documented experience in the art, I wonder how much there is here of Huawei undertaking some brilliant next level dirty black ops campaign planting information through its favourite compliant media to stir up panic that without Huawei getting what they want, “New Zealand’s trade relationships with China will be destroyed and we will all be ruined”.  They have massaged the media in NZ for many years and invested a lot of money worldwide in lobbying politicians.  None of this is of course illegal or particularly surprising, just very good business practice.

Those trips, conferences, foundations and “scholarships” involving media and politicians over the years could not possibly be for nothing. Here is a round-up of the hate Huawei is currently copping worldwide. We are in good company, our media is a lot more vulnerable however as there are not a great selection of independent minds across a wide selection of publications to ask questions of it.

Huawei has also paid directly through advertisements to address its concerns.  The timing of which has only made it look more like a wrap around all encompassing campaign in New Zealand media to address its concerns as being related to New Zealand's entire FTA with China.

A New Zealand company wouldn’t be able to run this sort of ad  in China  taking the piss out of its national sport, if a decision went against it.  Nor could its MD write a column like this. The whole idea that we have a “special relationship” with China through the FTA is a complete fallacy.  They don’t play by the same rules in their backyard as we have to.

If the Chinese regime are going to start having a huff then it will be far too noticeable to just pick on New Zealand and it will be over something more considerable than something other western countries have said no to as well in Huawei's influence.

Bottom line is that New Zealand needs America as the world’s security superpower more than it needs China so have to at times be seen to take sides.  The Chinese are not going to close up business with us anymore than they will with America. We have and always will have a better relationship with America and a better chance of a future relationship with America and our traditional allies than with China. Why? Because we are not a Chinese country.  We are not an American country either but our world is better for China not having control of the security of it than if it did.

As for Huawei's involvement in this latest round of tabloid diplomacy? Time will tell.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I adore NZ Cricket, don’t they dare dump on Scott Kuggeleijn

Two days ago The Spinoff published this emotive, confused piece by Michelle Langstone.   Titled "I adore NZ cricket but I won't watch until the silence on Kuggeleijn is broken".

I am surprised in my absentia The Spinoff has not been renamed The Tossoff by those in the industry.  It promotes pay-for-play content and has the sole aim it seems of pushing a luvvie agenda around the pitch with such unusual sponsors as the IRD and Kiwibank.  As I have previously opined they copied the “Chaos and Mayhem” school of income generation after members of their now staff such as Toby Womanhire, lobbied how dreadful we all were for doing it.  Often The Tossoff publishes opinion as fact and is the very definition of group grope New Zealand media we now have, all underwritten by a smarmy entitled son-of-Barkers in Duncan Greive.

So Langstone bashes out a nasty bullying piece of Kuggeleijn under the guise of the good old lazy “open letter” to undoubtedly New Zealand’s finest female cricketer Debbie Hockley to further influence and bully her into action.  Well let us hope it does not for the following reasons:

1. NZ Cricket has bent over backwards in the last few years to include women in the sport not only at an administrative level but a playing one.  The women were afforded top billing against their Indian counterparts this summer, this was no small move either here or in India.  This inclusion of female commentators and front persons like the popular and competent Laura McGoldrick and Lesley Murdoch have provided more balance and opportunities for women.

2. As Langstone pointed out herself, NZC now have a code of conduct the players are trained in and have to sign up to.  It does not excuse raping women however these young men are travelling most of the summer to some of the most sunshined areas in the country surrounded by parties and fueled by alcohol.  You could conclude this code came about actually by the Kuggeleijn incident so therefore shows positive action from NZC in this area and good strategic crisis management.

3. I played women’s cricket (impatient opening batsperson pre T20 and wicketkeeper pre-career ending hand injury) and represented Hamilton at the 2nd XI womens tournament that effectively at that embryonic stage in the 1990’s was the Northern Districts 1st XI.  Despite claiming a keen interest in the game from a young age, Langstone doesn’t go on with a female angle and address the massive grooming of young female players by older lesbians from a very young school age.  It has happened since women commenced playing the sport.  The code of conduct wording should equally apply to those older women and the odd school PE teacher.  Many a concerned parent would come along to the games to ensure their daughters were protected from this predatory behaviour.  It would not surprise me if there has been many unreported cases of girls missing selection due to their sexual preference or favouritism to those capable of being groomed.  It is the landmine waiting to explode at NZ Cricket and the elephant in the room all at once.  Ironically Scott’s father Chris “Sledgehammer” at the time was a hero to many of those of us in the girls teams in Northern Districts and the previous NZC CEO David White was always very encouraging of girls playing cricket when we would turn up for net practice at Seddon Park.  Such jocks as Scott Styris were very helpful to the girls teams especially when he started going out with our opening bowler.  I fail to see that NZ Cricket has a systemic culture problem with its treatment of women and any time there has been abuse or harassment in the crowd from idiots, security has taken the offenders away

4. Langstone claims she doesn’t want to see Kuggeleijn lose his job but wants NZC to “acknowledge the very recent history of this player”.  As far as I am concerned the only very recent history that needs acknowledging is his 1/37 against India in Hamilton last week. It is now 2019 and May 2015 when the incident occured is not very recent history for a man who is only aged 27.  Kuggeleijn debuted for NZ in May 2017 and hello only this month the feminists and #metoo bullies have bit.  What does Langstone want to have happen to him?  I can only conclude she will press this boycott and nastiness for the entire time he is in the team until she is like an Olivia Wensley and placed on a committee to advise how to deal with ergh….people like her...... by some scared sooky crisis management PR advisors.

5. Kuggeleijn faced not one but two trials by jury and is not in jail.  He walked a free man because we have a jury to hear all the evidence and put court transcripts into context.   And yes Michelle you have to accept that. The Tossoff (and other left wing blogs) have as a comparative very recently afforded Arthur Taylor legendary great New Zealander status and canonized him via computers despite the simple fact the prick has been convicted now of more than 150 offences including bank robbery, fraud, kidnapping, drugs and has served more than 40 of his 62 years in jail!  He was due out in 2022 but has after a period of lobbying from luvvies including academics and a new girlfriend – received parole.  Yes Arthur Taylor a convicted criminal who has terrorized entire communities with his crimes has had more favourable treatment by The Tossoff than a young cricketer with no criminal record.

6. Langstone asks the NZC Board why they haven’t stepped forward and formally addressed the public concern about his selection of the team?  Why would they and what possibly could they say? Why wouldn’t security take down banners in the ground that do not comply with the rules of the ground? I cannot take a banner “Kohli is a Total Knob” and display it in the ground the banners have to be positive.  Kuggeleijn is an employee of NZ Cricket.  As his employer they have a duty not to do anything that breaches the duty any employer has to an employee.  That is why they have not and cannot do anything, let alone should not.  Would Langstone be happy if her employer put out a statement that distances themselves from her behaviour for something that happened in her past and she paid a huge price for already having to hire a legal team not once but twice to defend?  I think she would not be and would be straight off to a union rep.  As should Kuggeleijn.

As a woman you are now afforded the chance to make claims and campaigns against men and ruin their lives for sexual encounters gone wrong under the all encompassing #metoo movement.  Sure men can and are prats at times, they also lie, they behave like caddish shitheads and well deserve the odd kick in the head.  You can and should do that yourself without a mob of campaigning vigilantes reporting to Ali Mau and the media.  The vast majority of men are decent human beings and there is a proper legal system to decide this and what becomes a crime like rape and not just a man behaving like a shithead.  Being a shithead shouldn’t mean men are sacked or boycotted out to the gulag.  We shouldn’t accept keyboard warriors can ruin men’s lives by painting them as criminals who should never work again, when they are not. 

Langstone ends her vitriol with the words “I will not support MY team when there is enablement occurring in the form of silence”.  Say what?

I have some really really….really fucking bad news for Michelle Langstone.  

The Black Caps are not her team, she doesn’t have a say in selection, they are not MY team and behind my keyboard I do not have a say in selection - they are our team.  The selectors choose our team.   Grant Robertson does not select the team, and neither should he comment on this issue after saying he would not.  Then commenting.

This female Black Caps supporter plans on attending the entire Cricket World Cup in England following our team supporting our entire team with or without Kuggeleijn in it.  He will not make selection for this cup on form however I want, no I demand, that OUR team has the best players to give US the chance to win that World Cup and no bullying keyboard warrior from The Tossoff or anywhere else should be able to stop that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Potentially Tragic News From Newshub

I have had a few congratulatory and derogatory emails thus far on my return to blogging but by far the most correspondence I have had is about pilates.  So to answer the question in Auckland the only show in town is K-Core pilates down at Victoria Park Market.  All the instructors are brilliant and even the intermediate classes cater for multi-level participants.  I have also tried out Thrive Pilates in Wellington that was ok but as usual Wellington seems streets behind Auckland in the area.

By far the highlight of the classes over summer was an appearance by the lovely Mike McRoberts.  Sadly after a period of concentrated form, Mike then stopped attending.  I thought it unlikely that he had given up completely so this story   explains everything.

"To be honest, I shed a few tears," McRoberts said.

Well that explains the reaction from most of the women in his pilates class when we worked out he wasn't returning regularly.  I had figured he was doing pilates to get more flexible for his dancing with stars appearance.  With a rig like his it was hardly for strength.  Sadly the reason seems to be for an injured knee.

I am doing my last class today for the summer before jetting off but I am sure I can speak on behalf of all the ladies at K-core, not only wishing Mike a speedy recovery but a "please return" request.

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