New Zealand Meet Your Skilled Migrant Applicants

Covid-19 has set the cat among the pigeons when it comes to people living where they have downright lied about the "self-supporting" nature of their lives.  The tide has gone out and there are millions of people round the world standing completely naked.Ticking boxes where you can live self-supporting for the term of your visa should mean that. Student, working or not.  No job from Covid means you should be able to see things through.  Run out of cash? Then go home to mumsy. End of.There have been many tales of woe, but most in New Zealand have been of people not of the white coloured skin so we cannot analyse how soft-touched and stupid New Zealanders must be to think they are "skilled" and necessary to the New Zealand economy.However finally a good case to get our teeth into.  Tatooed German hipsters.
When Imke Herzog​ and Gregor Paetz​ arrived in Golden Bay in 2016, they knew they’d found home.
After six years of travelling, the German couple didn’t even waste a t…

So When Will Zuru Announce They Are Headquartering Entire Operation In New Zealand?

Today Nick Mowbray made the fatal mistake many businesspeople do of wading into the political cesspool. He called out some large corporates in New Zealand for taking the wage subsidy when it was offered by government for forcing their businesses to close down or operate under the rules of Comrade Cindy's Kindy.In what world is it ethical for companies to take a government handout and then declare profits and pay dividends a few months later? Most of his argument makes perfect sense.  However attacking corporates for taking a handout when they still can operate as a business in peace times is a hell of a lot of a difference to when they cannot in the panic driven fury that was Covid.Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield did not "save" anyone from Covid.  Business owners saved them by surrendering their rights to operate to "save" people.  They are the true heroes of the Covid panic reaction.The wage subsidy and the massive distortion to economic statistics also s…

All Blacks Have Had All Year With Their Families - Time To Front Up

The NZ Rugby Union faces its next battle - getting the players to play.This year has seen Beauden Barrett, Richie Mo'unga and less crucially The 20 minute All Black TJ Perenara, become or about to become, first time fathers.That is nice.But this year, the NZRU has taken in total some $7m in taxpayers cash to subsidise wages.   Revenues will be down all round (estimates $120m) and the poor NZRU will be suffering gargantuan holes in their balance sheet.The woke snowflakery that lost the All Blacks the World Cup last year cannot be repeated.  You cannot accept "family reasons" to avoid any of the Rugby Championship.  Playtime is over.  Wifey with the cute instagrams peddling sponsored product continues as does flogging her used most likely sponsored clothing on Instagram.  Another latest pastime for the huns!"We want to make sure whoever is representing the All Blacks does so in a safe environment where they feel happy and comfortable,” said NZ Rugby chief executive Ma…

Siouxsie Wiles - Nothing But A Labour Party Activist

The Labour Party have a thing called the Mary Dreaver Memorial Lecture.  Let us have a look at the past speakers I could find online of this luvvie fest.2011 - Helen Clark2013 -   Hear former Labour party presidents, Hon Professor Margaret Wilson, Hon Ruth Dyson MP and Hon Maryan Street MP talk about Women in Politics: Purpose, Progress, Problems and Potential.2015 - Heather Henare (the woman who called David Cunliffe's "sorry for being a man" as "inspiring" and rent-a-victim, Louise Nicholas.2017 -  Maryan Street MP.2019 - Hear former MP Marilyn Waring speak on ‘Those who came before me’: the first 14 women MPs, what inspired me, what they had to put up with, what I remember’2020.....well who do they get in the middle of an election campaign?  For a Labour Party fundraiser..........
Wait for it ..... Unlike the other lectures that had actual topics, Siouxsie gets to talk about her favourite topic - herself.  There is no doubt she will gush over Saint Cindy as sh…

Phil Goff Claims Island and Maori Churchgoers Are Just Stupid

In other words - Phil Goff thinks those in his home electorate of Mt Roskill, predominantly Pacific Island and Maori, are stupid. How dare you question The Podium Of Truth?!
I think the largest sign of failed intellect is not only insulting your core support base, but incorrectly wearing an ill-fitting face and ridiculous looking face mask Phil.

It is a sign of intellect not to be a sheeple and to constantly question those in authority.
Especially when the authority is lying to you.
Politicians should be running the country not the Ministry of Health.  They should stop hiding behind them.
As for the Mt Roskill church? Well the Cops have not been brought in yet to deal with their non-compliance.  Imagine if this was the Remuera Rotary club what would have happened? Yes, threats of Police and door-knocks to anyone on social media even re-posting anti-government rhetoric.

Maori Attempting A Hostile "Brown Lives Matter" Takeover Of Waikato University

Maori at Waikato University have been stirring the pot claiming "systemic racism" in the institution.
The largest problem I have with this claim is that Waikato has always been sniggered at by anyone who thinks seriously in New Zealand, as the token default PC woke University for those unable to get into real academic institutions like Auckland, Victoria or Otago.
Among their complaints:
She said casual racism was occurring every day for Māori staff members.
"For many Māori who work in the university, especially when they are on their own, casual racism can vary from comments made to people about 'you people' that might refer to something in the news, the mispronunciation of your name, all the way to examples of younger scholars having their work dismissed or being asked to contribute to the Māori part of a project but then the science that they have a PhD in is completely ignored," she said. Maori speak of themselves in a way that invites a divide.  The co…

Matariki = More Money for The Taniwha

Apparently Matariki isn’t meant to be political.
Really! Labour only has one major policy announcement thus far.

After paying people to sit on the Covid couch it now is giving  everyone another day off!
“Labour says it will consult with an expert advisory group to work around the many issues that will arise from creating a new statutory holiday. If they don’t get the right experts onboard, including Māori astronomers and tikanga experts, it could be a problematic proposition. There isn’t a general consensus as when to observe the new year. Many use Matariki but iwi in some parts of the North and along the West coast of the country mark Puanga, also known as Rigel, for the new year”. 
So let me get this straight. In response to the largest economic and health crisis of our lifetimes, Labour have announced a new holiday for this “Matariki” but they can’t tell us precisely when the holiday will be as they themselves cannot agree when to observe it? 
Spare me. Are they taking the piss or…