The Casual Misogyny Of Low Expectations For Women's Sport

I read this from the team of $55m last year and had a chuckle. Quelle surprise.  They are performing the first act of CHEATING at the tournament.   It appears Eden Park is hosting a Rita Ora concert on 8th October.  Between Rita's breaks for costumes and refreshments she is letting the field be used for three rugby matches.   How patronising that pricing tickets at $5 and $10, watching 6 of the leading women's rugby teams and Eden Park catering, would not be good enough to pull a crowd? Surely this idea could only be dreamed up by men?  If Rita Ora wanted her own concert at Eden Park shouldn’t she have got her people to put one on?  I mean she only packs out arenas on her own worldwide with a banger pop playlist. Or did Helen Clark not give permission for such a concert? Why does Rita Ora need 6 womens rugby teams to prop up her attendance numbers? Yes I post this comment entirely in jest. This is not New Zealand's "Super Bowl". The Super Bowl doesn't need the

Team Of $55m Getting Out Their Sorry Machines

How about this cracker? In other words - The Herald published a complete fabrication and never even bothered asking Rodney Hide before it was published to the accuracy of Chadwick's allegation. So what will be Chadwick's legacy as Mayor of Rotorua? Quite simply standing aside quietly while Labour marched in and dumped transitional housing persons and filled motels with gangs and undesirable persons who have not only terrorised the Rotorua community but other tenants in those motels who truly need a place to live and have caused no trouble. In the next few days there should be many apologies resulting from the smear campaign by the witches coven of being a "conspiracy theorist".  Or just as bad, "following" a Facebook page which is the digital equivalent of being caught watching someone in  the town square. Media themselves are engaging in spreading malicious disinformation in the democracy of local government elections. This is the new screaming "racist

No Paula and Simon The Left Wing Do Not Like You They Are Mocking YOU

Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett seem to have some sort of competition for the weakest unlink from politics. Today Paula Bennett had this PR spray. Where the Chairman of Bayleys said so much without saying much at all. This brings us to a very fancy lounge on the second floor of a national real estate company's headquarters. Bennett's job title is "national director – customer engagement & advisory". What does she actually do here? The chairman of the board has just slipped in to make a coffee. He has some thoughts: "The square root of f*** all!" Either David or John Bayley have made this comment.  Not in jest. They are both serious people. Bennett hoots. She loves this family-owned company - what she calls the "Kiwiness" of it. She's never sold a house. Her role is to connect things. People, money, policy.  Kim Knight did an amazing job  We might look at a big, potential land development. Is there a way government housing can work with a lo

When Will The Modern Day Nats Learn From 1984?

No I do not mean George Orwell.  Not this time anyway. Last week, thanks to a once in a hundred year seasonal rainfall, I was bereft of things to do.  This is always dangerous as it can go one of two ways.  As is often when there is a once in a hundred year `seasonal rainfall, it is too wet to get to the nearest bar to fill in the boredom once business has been attended to, so one has to find something more wholesome to do.  When this happens I usually quietly lie down and read a book until I am distracted by my own wandering mind and small attention span on more exciting matters like booking my next holiday or online shopping.  I do not know how, but I found in the NZ on Screen archives, this piece of national taonga.   Doing God's Work is a documentary on Sir Bob Jones and the New Zealand Party, that in 10 months under FPP won an extraordinary 12% of the vote removing a by then tyrannical Muldoon in the process. There are three parts to it, I have only embedded the first part,

New Zealand About To Be "Each Way" Albowed

Anthony Albanese has form in politics for saying one thing then saying and doing another at a later date to another audience.  Some would call that lying, but loving Australian media outside of the heroes at Sky News never call him on it, pet naming him "each way Albo". The Morning After Albo Along with Labor, he spent every waking hour working against ratfucking Scott Morrison during the pandemic, managing to turn all the State Premiers on the Federal Libs with their approaches to lockdowns and restrictions.  Now he has turned around having won the election and like a good socialist has unilaterally proclaimed that the new politics demanded is that  everyone works together! I cannot wait to see how this unfolds because Jacinda Ardern is up against a total pro here. A man who has fooled a country with a population 5 times that of New Zealand that it is ok to be economically illiterate when asked hard questions.   Two politicians who love nothing more than announcing when ann

Foot and Mouth For NZ Is Worse Than Covid - What Is Labour Doing?

Why are New Zealand media not reporting on the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Bali? While there are a lot of Australians there presently, there will be during school holidays more than a few New Zealanders, if not now. The Aussies are worried enough to be pumping out the articles in media.  Google right now there is a healthy sense of panic brewing. The team of $55m? Silent apart from this.  Should New Zealand be hit again with it the result would be an apocalypse the likes the country has never seen. "Our front-line staff at the border are paying close attention to goods and any travellers arriving in the country with Indonesia as their point of departure." "Our multi-layered biosecurity system includes risk assessment, visual inspections, X-ray screening, scanning technology, and detector dogs to prevent risk goods from being carried into New Zealand by travellers or arriving by mail. All shipping containers and imported goods are assessed for biosecurity risk.&

Thor Love and Thunder Review

After my panning of Maori Lion King I thought it best I watch Taika Waititi's Thor for some balance.  Given the comic nature of the movie I shall reward it with bullet points. Love - Chris Hemsworth's naked rear view. - Taika Waititi's bro accent narrating.  It is wearing thin but still funny. - The half and half sweet and salt popcorn. - My double sofa first class seating recliner. - That is was only 2 hours. I cannot sit through 180 minutes of Elvis for instance, even on a comfy seat. - Guns N Roses soundtrack. - Bautista is in it. - Russell Crowe is in it. - Did I mention Chris Hemsworth's naked rear view? Thunder - Woke virtue signalling.  Thor is saved by a woman at one point, his sidekick is lesbian, Korg is homosexual with references to two men creating life together, the leading child character is black.  The sick woman dies after saving Universe.  Thor becomes a solo father adopting the child of his nemesis. - No Idris Elba.  Boo. - That I did not watch this a