World Cup Wonderfulness - In Australia

I attended a World Cup final this weekend.   No it was not the "team of $55m" wonderfulness final. It was a T20 cricket one.  In Melbourne. England v Pakistan. I didn’t have the very best seats but the ones I had cost $A225. I don’t mind that as I love cricket and I have gone to every New Zealand game for the tournament including both semis and final. There were 80,000 people at the game last night. It was loud, proud and not a moment of woke but for a worse for wear elderly Aboriginal lady briefly welcoming the Australians and Pakistani immigrants around me to their own country.  Once again the world was reminded that the coloniser in England does not owe Pakistan or India anything. For they gave them one amazing thing among others that the Poms have still not received reparations for  - Cricket.  India and Pakistan are crazy about it. A final with them both would have been a 100k crowd that would have been amazing and even louder and I would have been there. In any case my

Rita Ora Concert Sells Out Tomorrow - The Start Of The Women's Rugby "Wonderfulness"

  How New Zealand can brag that this is a world record women's rugby crowd, is beyond me. If it actually has sold out then commercially it should be profitable. It will not be. ASB are not only giving away tickets to the tournament, they will feed you as well. And basically giving the other tickets away.  Expect to see stands full of school kids. Once viewers on TV have been drowned in Te Reo, bastardised grunting English of "bro, sis and chur" standard in commentary from under-dressed past and current players of every gender,  a solid mythology of Maori wonderfulness and wokeism telling us how amazing and diverse this is all going to be - there will finally be some rugby to watch.  The games I watch I will be tuning in not a second before. Overseas viewers with no knowledge of New Zealand by the end of the tournament will be under the impression 80% of the population are Maori, more than half of you are lesbian or gay, 20% are trans, both genders can be pregnant and you

Woke, Virtue Signalling At 10,000 Feet - Justin And Jacinda

  Yet happy to traipse all through London, inside with thousands of others, in proximity on the leader bus, outside among millions.  And even the odd hongi. No mask. Will not even start that they are attending a UN meeting to discuss climate change. In a non-commercial jet.

Why Didn't Ardern Invite Luxon To The Queen's Funeral?

I have not heard this question asked all week. If National were in office now the left would be asking the same question as to why their leader was not invited. This should not be a political moment. QE2 was responsible for more decolonisation under her reign and ending more slavery than any other Monarch.  Find us one country however that has done better than it was under the colonisation regime unless they had oil. Waiting. Waiting. Slavery is still  In countries that have decolonised. Yes and one country doing it is hosting the soccer world cup very shortly. Let us also forget the Ottoman period.  To most people it now is the name of a bloody reasonably uncomfie chair.  History is not a strong point when people criticise the UK. Ardern got to take ten New Zealanders.  Wouldn't the first pick be the Leader of the Opposition?  And then every other woke pick after? Willie Apiata gets to go by right which he should so that was not even a decision. The Tainui Tru

The Right And Our Fight To Be Seen To Be "Diverse"

The best example of how racist the left are is happening in Australia right now. The right have not worked out how to deal with this. The hatred on anyone opposing the undefined “Voice”. The undefined silenced complete rort of “co-governance” creep. We need to work this out immediately. It’s not hard.  Australia and New Zealand are currently going through this. Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a total political centre right wing rock star. Not only would I vote for her I would donate to any campaign she wishes. New Zealand centre right activists need to study her. And learn. She is just 41 years old. I’ve listened to Price for the best part of two years on Sky News. She’s an eloquent, intelligent woman of the centre right and yes Aboriginal. She ticks every box that they have in politics set by the woke. She’s everything I’ve wanted in a new age leader of the centre right. The Australian left hate her. With good reason.  She’s also a natural leader. Good luck anyone debating her when it co

RIP Queen Elizabeth But Not The Monarchy As It Shall Endure

Not unexpected at age 96 but still a shock. Instead of this being the "end" of the Monarch I think the two weeks now of mourning for her will actually strengthen the Monarchy and with it the people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for the love of their countries that make it. The transition to King Charles has been in the planning for decades.  This period in time is actually less challenging for them than the death of Princess Diana. King Charles is 73, by now he should know what the hell he is going to do. Those especially in England, are very proud of their history and tradition and I think those of us with ancestors from the United Kingdom but do not live there, do not understand just how proud they are.  They are not like New Zealanders from those parts who have never stood up and celebrated how awesome our history actually is.  We got glimpses of it this year during the Jubilee but I have only lived it for several months at a time when I have

The Woke New Zealand Twitter Left's Disgusting Show Today

Have a trip over to the undignified New Zealand twitter left sewer and you find them at their finest exercising selective kindness .  All triggering themselves today thanks to the death of our Queen, they are spewing bile about the Monarchy. I will just leave a link here to nations with active  Lese-majeste laws.   The list is still very long and far reaching given the populations of the countries involved. Three-quarters of the ungracious, nasty, pro-nouned and far-left activists would be in jail by now with these views in many countries around the world. They should today be bloody grateful they live in a colonised modern western democracy with a rule of law that still has the freedom to be as bloody rude as you wish about the dead. Contrary to revisionism Treaty activism taught to radicalise young Maori and silly "white saviour" persons, Maori historically hold the Royal Family with great esteem.   Maori tripped over themselves to meet the Queen and engage with her, especi