Winner Of The Nobel Prize For Political Ineptitude

Yesterday we had outrage over a cartoon where an editor and a cartoonist were called all manner of names and had their jobs threatened.

Today Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi of Samoa continues on his merry way given a free pass from media completely.

Forget our part-time PM Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi surely must now win the prize for worst world leader of the year.  He has just done the impossible and made Ardern look like well........I cannot think of something grand enough.  There is not even a champagne I like enough to compare this to.  He is even making Trump look like a responsible rationale human.
Quite why he hasn't already resigned in shame is astonishing, as the death toll rises in Samoa from an entirely preventable disease.  A Japanese PM would have already literally fallen on his own sword and killed himself over this such is the shame.
Today we learn though that the Samoan PM was only vaccinated himself YESTERDAY. He has bee…

60 Humans Die Needlessly And There Is Outrage About A Cartoon?

Sometimes I just have to wonder how thick people can be when they express blame and anger.

Samoans are facing up to burying 60 people from measles, a lot of them babies.  Measles is an entirely preventable disease.  
Contrary to the outrage today on a slow news day, they have not died because of a cartoonist or the Otago Daily Times.  
They are dead primarily due to ineptitude from Samoan politicians and local leaders after a couple of babies died when nurses stuffed up administering the vaccines incorrectly.  That was in July 2018.  Since then those in charge seem to have done absolutely nothing to quash the fears relating to this and general apathy and vaccination rates fell to only a third of babies.  Vaccinations were actually suspended temporarily as a result.  
The "they" I mean here is not only the Samoan government but also the useful idiots protecting them in New Zealand who did not see that our problem in October this year would soon be theirs.  We are their close…

To Russia Without Love

The day New Zealand needs to be lectured about war crimes from RUSSIA will be the day........well I do not know of a relevant end to the ridiculousness of that.
At a press conference overnight Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said New Zealand must investigate "crimes". In the press conference, Zakhrova spoke about Russia's involvement in conflict in Syria - where it has been alleged that Russian planes have bombed civilians - before discussing allegations of civilian deaths the British military has been facing.  She then described the "murder" of seven children "as a result of wrongdoings of New Zealand military who did not de-mine in the proper way the shooting ranges after using them". 
Murder? How about STFU.  It was more likely the Russians are responsible anyway.
The Stuff Circuit documentary did not suggest any deaths amounted to murder, but revealed the deaths had been linked to New Zealand operated ranges.  Zakhro…

Cruise Ships Sick Of Paying The Taniwha

The inevitable has happened and Cruise ship and tourism operators in New Zealand have gone full scale Asian.

I had a particular giggle at "Steve the Maori" saying these imposters had "careless scribbles on their faces".  I know Maori have great meaning in Ta Moko and that is fine for them, however Steve The Maori has described instantly what I think when I see anyone with a tattoo let alone one on their face.  I cannot take a person with visible tattoos seriously as an adult at the best of times, regardless of their race.  All it says to me is to stay well away from these people because they have a much higher tolerance for pain than you can ever inflict on them.

Maori have scammed/earned/participated (depending on who you talk to) in the tourism industry for many decades, some have done quite nicely others not.  Market forces and the ever bastardised prostitution that is the tourism industry and selling "cultural experiences", has now meant that operator…

The Sopers Dying In A Ditch For A Sex Pest

Oh dear I just have to ask why are Barry Soper and wife HDPA dying in a ditch for a sex pest?

I have one question someone needs to ask Barry. That's what happened at Labour's summer youth camp early last year: a drunken yobbo falling over and groping four 16-year-olds and apparently being deeply remorseful, unable to remember it the next day
If thee who cannot be named fondled, groped and pashed his wife, what would his reaction be?
Because I know Barry Soper not well, but well enough from my times with him and definitely respect him as a man and complete gentleman around women especially his own wife, to know the answer.
Thee who cannot be named would be decked on the floor instantly crying to his father.
As any self-respecting husband/partner would do to another man/boy trying that on.
So stop pretending this incident of which there are numerous occurrences should go through to the keeper and somehow the victims are over-reacting!

Labour Sex Camp Okay Rules Judge - What Now For Ali Mau and #Metoo?

Judge Russell Collins has today effectively handed a free pass to sexual offenders under the influence of alcohol at parties to do well, pretty much whatever they like in front of him. The judge discharged the young man without conviction.  During the August trial he was accused of having grabbed and squeezed a man's testicles, touched another man's genitals twice, kissed a woman on her neck and face and groped a second woman's breast and bottom.  There you go young men, fill your boots at the next booze season.  Try it down at the local pub tomorrow even.  You know, for kicks when you are pissed.
Rather, the judge continued, the offending - while not an excuse - was "born out of drunken stupidity".  "It may well have been indecent but that is no longer part of the charge."  So yeah it was indecent but he had a lawyer and powerful mates in parliament, possibly even a reference letter from a Senior Government Minister saying how great he is. …

Random Impertinent Questions

10. So how many minutes will Sonny Bill Williams actually play for this alleged multimillions over two years vs signing autographs for the maximum 5000 fans per game at home?
9. Air NZ are giving away 2 x economy flights for their first flight to New York on 29 October 2020. The flight is a mere 17hrs 40 mins in economy. What’s second prize?
8. How many more trips to court before a certain politician can be ruled a vexatious litigant?
7. Labour sex scandal review? How is it going Ms Dew? What month are we up to now?
6. So how’s the Toogood Inquiry into the death of Mason Pendrous getting along? Tick tick for the world’s slowest former Judge. It was due “within” 6 weeks commencing 2 October 2019. We are now heading into week 9.
5. The Barmy Army and former English players are getting all righteous about an alleged insult to Jofra Archer, that no one seems to have even identified are from a New Zealand supporter.  Could they not start with their own chants and comments in the commentar…