The Only Sincere Apology From Diane Abbott

In the UK there is a pretty special MP called Diane Abbott.  Basically she is the village idiot.  The UK's Alamein Kopu.  Maybe that is unfair to Kopu as at least Kopu did no damage because she never turned up.  
Abbott is intentionally to the left of..... well Jeremy Corbyn.  The only time it would be acceptable to vote for Corbyn would be if the only other choice was Abbott.
Astonishingly Abbott was educated at Cambridge.  Her roll call of shame is something that if she was white, she would be accused of having this "white privilege" thing.  A bit like Shane Jones in a way.   She tried to gain the Labour nomination to be Mayor of London and failed.  Again the only time it would be acceptable to vote for  Sadiq Khan would be if the other choice was Abbott.
In the 2017 election she disgraced herself by stuffing up so many interviews count was lost.  She advocates public education yet sent her son to a private school, failed to declare payments made to her from the BBC, …

What the Huawei Is Going On With China - Part IV - NZ Media On The Take? -

I have a series of blogs looking at this topic.  They are summarised here.

Today Stuff has run the most disturbing article to date alleging: 
"Concerns have also been raised about its Kiwi sponsorship deals, one of which sees the company's logo appear on all of The New Zealand Herald's Focus videos"
Private companies are fully within their rights to take out advertising and sponsorship deals, and there is not necessarily anything untoward about this activity. 
Well there actually is if they are attempting to interfere in the democratic processes and cyber-security of another country.  And it is questionable really if it is a "private" company?!
But given political sensitivities, China expert Anne-Marie Brady questions the appropriateness of Huawei handing over money to New Zealand media.. 
I do not have any issue with Huawei taking out silly advertisements in newspapers or even sponsoring sports teams.
I do have an issue with journalists disguising editor…

Educator of The Year Already - Paul Melloy

I pray to the holiday Gods for this lovely man.

The biggest issue with holidaying during school time, in our opinion, is not the actual time off school. "It's the priority the holiday is given above school attendance. This, in your son's mind, lowers his perception of the importance of school attendance. This is dangerous.
Amen to that.
Skipping school for reasons of poverty is one thing. Often we hear reports of children of parents in poor areas of NZ skipping school as a daughter cannot be provided with tampons, a son cannot be provided with a lunch. Middle class NZ rolls their eyes and blames the parenting. 
But when some wealthier middle class whiteys drag their kids from school it’s okay because the airfares and hotels are cheaper in Hawaii that time of year and you know - missing a week isn’t going to kill them. 
If you can’t afford the school holiday premiums then you shouldn’t be on the holiday in the first place.
Melloy however hits the nail on the head and says what…

Cindy Caves In The Confusion on CGT

This is quite extraordinary.

Jacinda Ardern "while she is leader" (in other words - forever) has given up on a Capital Gains Tax.  Her popularity and that of Labour's is at an all time high.
This is a victory for all the confusion created by all the scribes and pundits surrounding CGT. This is a victory for how you campaign against a policy that almost half the country actually wants. This is a resounding defeat for all those scribes and pundits pushing the CGT. This is a resounding defeat and a great example how you do not campaign for a policy that almost half the country actually wants. This is the largest defeat of his life for Michael Cullen.
Winston Peters is now going to claim victory however having Ardern state "while she is leader" means that this is a much larger backdown and was wider and broader than that.  Winston Peters had very little to do with this decision of Ardern's.

NZ First may will not even be a part of Ardern's next leadership …

Will The Gays Force Team NZ To Drop Emirates Now?

Article 177 of the Penal Code of Dubai imposes imprisonment of up to 10 years on consensual sodomy. The most common depiction in the local media of LGBT people involves foreigners, disease, and sex crimes such as rape.
So following on from yesterday's post the big NZ sporting question really is why the gay community and their woke supporters are not pressuring Team NZ to drop Emirates as a sponsor? You know, they're owned by a government that has on its books, a law that gives 10 years in jail to proven consensual sodomisers?

Israel Folau is about to be sacked for upsetting his employers largest sponsor Qantas.  The same sponsor that has a large and profitable business partnership with Emirates.

And look here who is a major Rugby World Cup sponsor. Emirates.  The tournament Folau will now miss for his anti-gay views.  They boast:

Emirates strives to reflect the core values of the game and enrich the experiences of rugby fans across the globe.

Why is it so wrong for Israel Folau …

The Gays and Qantas Get Their Priorities All Wrong

Israel Folau has been targeted for all the wrong reasons.  He is just a boofhead who throws a rugby ball around a field.  

Make no mistake about it, the guy is the village idiot.  However he has every right to be stupid and even though I do not believe his interpretation of his own fairies at the bottom of the garden, that is religion, that is freedom of religion.  He also has freedom to speak.  Even if his views do not match our own.
Most of us are covered in at least one of the categories Folau has cut pasted.  Most of us laugh it off and are not left wondering that this hell at least will be a fun place.
Folau is not facing the sack though for this.  Or even his social media rantings.  Make no mistake about that.
He is facing the sack because he has supposedly compromised Rugby Australia's commercial contracts with million dollar sponsors.  The main one being with the screaming sanctimonious sooks at Qantas.  Folau allegedly compromises these contracts as we have the stasi on …

The Throwing of Katz Under The Bus - Craig v Williams Strikes Again

*Disclosure required: While I think honestly believe Colin Craig is just a silly nong, I am not a fan of Jordan Williams commencing with  being an external coup plotter his interference in Rodney Hide's ACT leadership.  It was only a friend yelling "no Cactus" that prevented his ending up in the drink outside Dockside, as he oh so delicately swayed on a chair after Roger Kerr's funeral. I have not seen him since.

It is hard to know where to start through the muddle of the Craig v Williams, Williams v Craig or is it Craig v Craig, Williams v Williams?  Everyone has lost the plot as much as the participants in this huge legal mess with even more Craig litigation to come from and towards other parties.

Plenty has been written on the subject such that confusion reigns supreme all round.  Thanks to Craig's very deep pockets, the Supreme Court were given the job of sorting it all out.  Or not. 
So are we faced with going through the torture all over again? I think not.