Put A Zippy In It - Dogs Are Not Humans

A pretentious Auckland tosser is complaining that his precious not-so-little mutt is not allowed to dine at the restaurant institution that is Prego.

Gary Langsford is the stereotypical Aucklander that the rest of the country loves to hate.
For a starter "Zippy" is not that little. He wrote on Facebook: "A beautiful Auckland summer's evening and what better than to sit outside with your favourite pooch at a restaurant and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine. It's fine at the Ponsonby Bistro, or Apero or SPQR but not at Prego. Yes and they are all places that have seats outside on the pavement, I doubt the proprietors would allow the dogs inside.  Prego has an enclosed courtyard.  It is not that big or open.  There is a side area that faces the carpark however I am betting the sensible staff at Prego are sick and tired of tripping over stray mutts and leads. It is marginal at times with children in the premises let alone all the pissed up patrons on a sunny day. &qu…

The All Black Truth Comes Out

Now it all makes sense.  The All Blacks have a touch of the Prince Harry's.
Until this rift is sorted the All Blacks will not get back to the best team in the world.  
Quite easy to see what has happened here, Steve Hansen upset a lot of the brown boys by talking the truth about Akira Ioane and Rieko and co took it all personally and got the sulks.    Rieko went from being one of the in form players in the team to a giant lemon within a matter of weeks.
This posted on his instagram by head of the Woke Blacks,  TJ Perenara from Rieko's instagram.

Thing is the media do get blowback about their rugby writings, just read the comments online! The All Black Woke Vulnerability Group snowflakes can't handle a bit of criticism for their poor performances.
Ian Foster has a rather large job to do.

Let us see if the sports media in New Zealand report this or rather like the dirty, fithy Black Caps support team member - gives us the bought and sold out version of the story.

Want To Keep Your Kids? Stop Harming Them Then

Maori are having another whinge about Oranga Tamariki.
Most Maori are great parents and not harming their children, that is the positive thing. Most non-Maori are great parents and not harming their children as well, that's another positive thing. This should be the societal expectation.
Uplifting children is also actually generationally preventing recidivism.  Mothers who have been in state care are not having their babies uplifted.  This is great news.  The policy is actually working. And it was positive that 95 per cent of young Maori mothers who had been in state care did not have a newborn uplifted. Apparently reports show Maori are five times more likely to have their children uplifted by Oranga Tamariki.   Fine, so let us look beyond that.  What do Maori expect us to do, go uplift some more non-Maori to balance the stats up?!
The stats are if you read to the end of the report, actually REDUCING. For example, in June last year, there were 6429 children in state care. Of tho…

Funniest Headline Of The Year To Date

Pardon me? His OWN cash?
The Royal Family have absolutely no such thing.  Everything they have is paid for by someone else or inherited from a source once again paid for by someone else.
The only person with their own money and "job" in this is rather ironically Meghan Markle, who had a small role in a TV show with by industry standards a very moderate income.
And she has always been accused of being a gold-digger and social climber and vilified in the Press for such.  None of this will stop from this day forth, in fact it will only get worse for her.  She seems mentally very frail, along with Harry, it is Diana all over again.
Sure, she cannot afford her current lifestyle with the assets and income she had before meeting Harry, but very few women in the world could.
Anyway none of it is particularly interesting or matters greatly because odds on they'll end up divorced like the rest of the family it is just a matter of when and how much money she will get not to go on O…

Inquiry Into NZ Police Raids Needed

If there is one thing I can agree with the NZ political left on is the need for the NZ Police to actually learn how to perform a raid correctly, within the boundaries of the law and so that the evidence is not compromised.

Over the years we have seen raids politically motivated performed on 
Kim DotCom - result - F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement Nicky Hager - result - F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement Martyn Bradbury - result F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement  Urewera Raids - result - F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement
None of these settlements should have been confidential as we need to be able to as citizens see just how rubbish the Cops have been at upholding and following laws.

I have no issues with Police conducting raids on anyone, just make sure they comply with the law.
All of these should have been home runs for the Cops.  Their ineptitude was so ridiculous it must really be on purpose to ensure that the "victims" of these raids receive (well not in the craft…

Max Ritchie Should Be Applauded Not Shamed

Matt Nippert has reported a shabby hit job on some chap called Max Ritchie.
The Charities Service investigation was spurred by complaints including from one staffer who claimed excuses had to be made for his absence when donors called while he was out on the greens, according to investigation notes.
In other words, he didn't get along with a stage member and they ratted on him.
The old tusker negotiated his own terms of his contract, worked for four years here (in total 23 years at the Foundation) and played a hell of a lot of golf.  No one seemed to notice or mind that he was away that long until a staffer ratted on him.  Perhaps s/he/they were pissed off that they too could not play golf.
They chose Ritchie for the job clearly because of his ability to network and drum up funds.  He was in his mid-seventies when he was given the job at $160,000 per annum.  They were not choosing him for his energy and drive in the role.  He was then and is now, an elderly man.
He even found time…