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Sydney Lets Off Fireworks - People Lose Their Minds

Snowflake fools wanted this gorgeous celebration of awesomeness cancelled because of the fire hazard, then when they realised the fireworks were not going to burn the city down, they called it insensitive.
Good grief.
If the people of Sydney needed some respite from what is happening currently this was it and a jolly good night of intoxication and class A substances.  
Well done Sydney for not caving in to the haters and the snowflakes.
I cringe at what the New Zealand reaction would have been to a similar set of circumstances.

Nothing Says Happy 2020 Than A Virtual Challenge!

Yes we are all over it by now but that was NY 2020.  Well done.  Made those meaningless expressions of self-betterment on social media yet?  This has been my favourite circulating currently.

I would add "inspiring others and setting scarey goals" to the bleedingly obvious.
Nothing I have seen says what world we live in currently where there is now a virtual challenge involving you logging distance to complete challenges - without actually ever having to travel to the places mentioned!  Brilliant.  It is called The Conqueror.

For example travelling Route 66 without having to go to the USA.  This one would be perfect for Kim Dot Com.  Not only can the forgotten colossus never have to go to the USA he would end up after 2,280 miles of exercise, possibly very fit.  Well not, he is such an evil genius he would cheat and attach a fitbit to all of his children and animals in order to get the mileage wouldn't he?
You can "swim the English channel" without getting wet!…

Why We Lost The 2019 Rugby World Cup

Kieran Read is not an "All Black Great".  There have been better number 8's and better Captains.

Richie McCaw is.  Here is why:
Read revealed in his autobiography Straight Eight that, despite countless hours spent training and touring together, they were basically strangers outside the world of rugby. "It was the ultimate professional relationship, a workplace friendship. I think back to the first time we roomed together, in Sydney with the Crusaders in my first year with the team, and he never once asked me a personal question about my life, family, interests - anything outside the team. "It wasn't that he was rude; that information was just superfluous to him. He didn't need it in his head when he had other things to think about."
Nah there was plenty of room in Richie's head he was the book smartest guy in the team, he just didn't care to make silly irrelevant small talk.  He knew that not only did he have to be the best player in the te…

When will Sonny Bill Speak Out About Japan?

Everyone's favourite Muslim Money Bill Williams has spoken out against the treatment by a non-rugby financing country.  Fair enough.  But the idea he has chosen economic benefits over humanity is absurd. This was another one of his "nice guy" stunts.
At least Newshub put this clarification in:
Rugby league doesn't have the same presence in China as football or the NBA, which paid a heavy financial price when an official criticised the Chinese government in October. Let us see MBW's views on Japan, the IMF of rugby.  He has show-ponyed around there for years dropping yen for Adidas and sponsors.
Japan has taken how many refugees?  Let alone Muslim ones?  This is what they do to unwanted visitors to their country.
In 1981, Japan signed the United Nations’ refugee convention, which called for the protection of people facing persecution. In practice, however, it does not live up to this responsibility, even as ever greater numbers of desperate foreigners fly into To…

Peak Spinoff - Women Want To All Look Older?

Fresh from soon to be legal issues over reporting of the Labour sex scandal you would think they would get their facts right for important matters of State.  This belongs in a section next to the non-fiction so I don't know why Newshub has with permission stolen it.  I know it is Christmas and everyone is short on content right down to calling Sonny Bill Williams "courageous" for speaking up for Muslims in a country that will never need his commercial services in China, but really we shouldn't allow such tripe to be published any time of the year.
There are three things that a woman will never say out loud:
1. I need to put on some weight. No never. 2. My husband/boyfriend/partner has too much money.
3. I love that my face is ageing.
No, never.
The author then proceeds to justify this nonsensical comment by suggesting we should all just give up and view it as positive.  She then, as The Spinoff always does - blames the market economy.
I think the market economy p…

Best (non) Human Rights PR Campaign In 2020

Come on this is bullshit.  And Tesco has fallen hook, line and sinker.

But full marks for a campaign that beats anything Greta Thunberg has come up with this year.

Really?  Because prison labour is used in many Western countries.  Even the UK.

Allegations in the past have been made from those in this compound, what a great way to reignite their campaign than to grab a pack of cards off a Tesco shelf and insert this.

Prime Minister Deserves An Anonymous Holiday

The media are already stalking Jacinda Ardern about her holiday plans.  She has stupidly bit and told them where she is off to.

After an extremely challenging 2019, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided to cross the Tasman for her summer holiday. In January, Ms Ardern, her fiance Clarke Gayford and their one-year-old daughter Neve will travel to Australia, where they are expected to holiday close to Sydney instead of her usual preferred spot, the Sunshine Coast. Before heading to Australia Ardern will spend Christmas and New Year's near Gisborne on the east coast of New Zealand with extended family. The appeal of an Australia holiday lies in the relative anonymity she experiences there, Ms Ardern told AAP.
You are joking?
The Aussies will now be all over her like a rash.  If you want privacy, be private.  
"It's not to escape or anything like that because in Gisborne we have a wonderful time," she said. "It's just we don't have to take o…

Twitter Account Of The Year - Coltheman1

Just because he made the Twitterati and certain senior media who should know better, lose their shit over a joke.
Colin Wilson is behind the Coltheman1 Twitter account that has served as a rallying cry for those voicing opposition to Ardern through entering news agents and bookshops to turn around magazines and books featuring her face.
Wilson has been a Twitter member for nine years and made more than 70,000 tweets from his account since.
"The normal person can make a difference on Twitter - like with Turn Ardern, from an old bricklayer from Canterbury," he says.
Top work Colin.  An innocuous campaign that seems far more effective as a protest than holding up streets screaming that the world will end and we are all going to die.
He is an elderly builder.  Good luck the boycott left getting him sacked from his business, they aren't known for their ability to build houses.
Wilson denies his attacks against Ardern – and his criticism of Ardern appearing on magazine covers - …

Sir Ron Brierley And Kiddie Porn - Who Else Knew If There Is Anything To Know????

Let us talk about it.

I start from the position the day before this story broke that Sir Ron Brierley is a wonderful, awkward elderly gentleman who has given more money to the sport I love watching (cricket) than probably any other individual  in New Zealand.  He is also probably New Zealand's leading stamp collector and trainspotter.  
I am currently in Sydney and this was a very very large story breaking this morning even over here.  New Zealand media didn't wait until the 82 year old Sir Ron's lawyers could even get around to an injunction, but I am sure the media knew a day or two ago but waited like cowards til the Australian media smashed it out here.  No one wants a "Todd Scott" to celebrate Christmas with.
While this was breaking, Labour took the chance to release Maria Dew QC's complete whitewash of allegations from soon to be "Todd Scotted" The Spinoff.  Good opening and well played and taken.  Politics.
Media in Sydney were all over thi…

City Mission Force Children To Camp Out To Get Presents And Food To Politicise Poverty

The Mayor of Woke in Auckland, Saint John Campbell gave us this exclusive insight that happens every year in New Zealand.

Parents dragging their children out to get free food and presents.  Yes that is all this is.  Nothing to see here.  Apparently under Jacinda Ardern and her Labour coalition there is a 40% increase in demand for food parcels this year.  I do not blame her or the leftie coalition for this increase in demand.  Offer stuff for free of course you will not be disappointed.  This is the sort of slanted reporting and campaigns that have usually been the domain of what happens during National's time in charge.  The lefties at Christmas are now running one up Ardern and Labour in the same way.  Every year there is the same problem, not one of resources obtained through the generous public and welfare systems, but one of distribution. Campbell said there were "many children" at the centre, who were waiting for food and presents.  Yes well they bloody should not …

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes - Tuku Morgan Says What We All Think

Tuku Morgan's extensive record at taking the piss goes well before and after his undiegate.
This latest episode is particularly special.
"The tribe is a $1.4b corporate business. We should know what we're doing. We should have some level of faith and trust in our systems and processes. How can this fraud be possible?" That is right Tainui is.  Thanks Tuku Tainui is a corporate business nothing more or less.
So why does it rely on having a charitable status?  Those competing for contracts cannot do so on a level playing field if they're having to bid against an organisation paying zero tax.
Registered charity Ururangi Trust was set up in 2008, funded wholly by Tainui, with its annual expenses rapidly increasing from $740,000 in 2009 to nearly $2 million in 2017. In 2015 it faced adverse scrutiny after an investigation by the Charities Service found gross mismanagement in its spending and placed the organisation on a final warning.  Following Herald reporting, a sec…

Laura Vincent Deserves A Nice Juicy Steak

Some poor woman called Laura Vincent has gone to the hell that is tasting "fake meat" for us.

I cannot think of anything more ghastly than being force fed fake meat.  Some real meat is bad enough.  If I am going to put calories into my body these days then I am not going to waste it with anything that is not delicious.
There are predictions that this will be all that people will eat in 50 years time. It is another reason that I am opposed to extending ones life beyond an average span.
The sorts of people who think "fake meat" is great are against genetic modification for everything else.  Dutifully forgetting that they are shoving half a lab down their throats when tasting this muck.  They seems to want to reproduce the smell, taste and texture of meat when many say they dislike all those qualities of meat.
My decision to go meat-free was initially fuelled by anxiety at environmental crises springing up whack-a-mole style, and wanting to lessen my impact in some wa…

Bravest Man In A Chiefs Hat Since 2013 - Paul Kingi

Media are scouring the bottom of the barrel in a quest to run up stories on what it is like to be a burns victim.  Thankfully most victims appear to have been rescued twice, the second time by their Australian government where they will be flown back home and receive the best care big brother Australia can offer, well away from embarrassing NZ media.  Australian media can behave disgracefully hunting and stalking them instead.
Hello - we get the point being burns survivor is ghastly, many turn to suicidal thoughts and wish they would rather have died than receive such life altering injuries.

Do not give in to the clickbait team, click on these stories instead.
Hero skipper returned to the volcano again and again.
"Other times it's ones you least expect who take control of an arduous situation to the benefit of all involved.
"Yesterday was no exception with one man standing out, one Paul Kingi."
Kingi was an "outstanding man" and "amazingly resourcefu…

New Zealanders Becoming Addicted To Disaster And Tragedy

Yes, what happened on White Island was a tragedy.  Not so much that the volcano did what they naturally do but that people were on it having a tourist experience when it happened.  
The aftermath however is taking on full retard Pike River, Christchurch Earthquake, Christchurch shooting proportions.  It needs to stop.  I am waiting for some numpty to attribute it to the fraud that is "climate change".
Immediately it was as if New Zealanders were wanting full information, full disclosure from the Police, full statistics for the disaster addicted.  Police and rescue were questioned and hounded while trying to do their jobs.  Calls commenced that the communications systems to the public were not good enough.  I mean really, people were expecting live-streaming the way they carried on.
What were people expecting in this day of instant information? A survivor to break through the pain barrier from the burns engulfing their fingers to upload their cellphone footage on to instagra…

David Parker And His "Community Lens" - QC's Now Have Primary School Testing

It is not enough that a loathsome pinko with the cold, beady eyes of very average form filling ability, defamed me in the House of Representatives hiding cowardly behind parliamentary privilege. Not to forget he then laid a very failed and vexatious police complaint, but now he gets to do this; oh please Louise.  
Eight New Zealand lawyers, including a prominent University of Auckland professor, have been appointed Queen's Counsel under a new process that includes a commitment to improving access to justice. Attorney-General David Parker said the appointment process "emphasises that excellence and leadership in the profession can be seen through a wider, community lens."
A new process? 
What on earth do these two paragraphs even mean?
Everyone with half a brain realises that QC’s don’t provide “access to justice” for New Zealanders. They charge more per hour than many New Zealanders earn in a week! Not that I have a problem with that.
David Parker is a man who lists as …

Winner Of The Nobel Prize For Political Ineptitude

Yesterday we had outrage over a cartoon where an editor and a cartoonist were called all manner of names and had their jobs threatened.

Today Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi of Samoa continues on his merry way given a free pass from media completely.

Forget our part-time PM Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi surely must now win the prize for worst world leader of the year.  He has just done the impossible and made Ardern look like well........I cannot think of something grand enough.  There is not even a champagne I like enough to compare this to.  He is even making Trump look like a responsible rationale human.
Quite why he hasn't already resigned in shame is astonishing, as the death toll rises in Samoa from an entirely preventable disease.  A Japanese PM would have already literally fallen on his own sword and killed himself over this such is the shame.
Today we learn though that the Samoan PM was only vaccinated himself YESTERDAY. He has bee…

60 Humans Die Needlessly And There Is Outrage About A Cartoon?

Sometimes I just have to wonder how thick people can be when they express blame and anger.

Samoans are facing up to burying 60 people from measles, a lot of them babies.  Measles is an entirely preventable disease.  
Contrary to the outrage today on a slow news day, they have not died because of a cartoonist or the Otago Daily Times.  
They are dead primarily due to ineptitude from Samoan politicians and local leaders after a couple of babies died when nurses stuffed up administering the vaccines incorrectly.  That was in July 2018.  Since then those in charge seem to have done absolutely nothing to quash the fears relating to this and general apathy and vaccination rates fell to only a third of babies.  Vaccinations were actually suspended temporarily as a result.  
The "they" I mean here is not only the Samoan government but also the useful idiots protecting them in New Zealand who did not see that our problem in October this year would soon be theirs.  We are their close…

To Russia Without Love

The day New Zealand needs to be lectured about war crimes from RUSSIA will be the day........well I do not know of a relevant end to the ridiculousness of that.
At a press conference overnight Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said New Zealand must investigate "crimes". In the press conference, Zakhrova spoke about Russia's involvement in conflict in Syria - where it has been alleged that Russian planes have bombed civilians - before discussing allegations of civilian deaths the British military has been facing.  She then described the "murder" of seven children "as a result of wrongdoings of New Zealand military who did not de-mine in the proper way the shooting ranges after using them". 
Murder? How about STFU.  It was more likely the Russians are responsible anyway.
The Stuff Circuit documentary did not suggest any deaths amounted to murder, but revealed the deaths had been linked to New Zealand operated ranges.  Zakhro…

Cruise Ships Sick Of Paying The Taniwha

The inevitable has happened and Cruise ship and tourism operators in New Zealand have gone full scale Asian.

I had a particular giggle at "Steve the Maori" saying these imposters had "careless scribbles on their faces".  I know Maori have great meaning in Ta Moko and that is fine for them, however Steve The Maori has described instantly what I think when I see anyone with a tattoo let alone one on their face.  I cannot take a person with visible tattoos seriously as an adult at the best of times, regardless of their race.  All it says to me is to stay well away from these people because they have a much higher tolerance for pain than you can ever inflict on them.

Maori have scammed/earned/participated (depending on who you talk to) in the tourism industry for many decades, some have done quite nicely others not.  Market forces and the ever bastardised prostitution that is the tourism industry and selling "cultural experiences", has now meant that operator…

The Sopers Dying In A Ditch For A Sex Pest

Oh dear I just have to ask why are Barry Soper and wife HDPA dying in a ditch for a sex pest?

I have one question someone needs to ask Barry. That's what happened at Labour's summer youth camp early last year: a drunken yobbo falling over and groping four 16-year-olds and apparently being deeply remorseful, unable to remember it the next day
If thee who cannot be named fondled, groped and pashed his wife, what would his reaction be?
Because I know Barry Soper not well, but well enough from my times with him and definitely respect him as a man and complete gentleman around women especially his own wife, to know the answer.
Thee who cannot be named would be decked on the floor instantly crying to his father.
As any self-respecting husband/partner would do to another man/boy trying that on.
So stop pretending this incident of which there are numerous occurrences should go through to the keeper and somehow the victims are over-reacting!