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Bridget Davis' New Healthy Recipes Book Belongs In The Fiction Section

No exercise? Really?

I loathe this sort of targeted PR driven bullshit online with ridiculous claims about how losing weight is easy for women.  It is not for men either but this one spruiked in the Herald and Stuff today particularly disgusted me.  How much has her PR agent paid for this publicity because it is all over the place?
Bridget Davis first appeared on television at the end of 2018 spruiking her weight loss.  Her weight loss is not a recent thing, she did this last year promoting her previous book and her Facebook promotion page shows her quite lean for a few years at least.

Particularly gross were the claims this time:
"I have not exercised".  "As a middle-aged woman with three children, I thought being overweight was just part of life".  "Now that I realise that I was just putting the wrong things into my body and have taken those out of my diet, I have more energy than I've ever had, my mood swings have elevated."
Cutting out gluten, sugar …

Golly Gosh People Are Starting To Get It....

Finally people in New Zealand are wisening up to this cunning, brazenly manipulative, nasty piece of work.  Golriz Ghahraman is a dirty political player of a kind we have not seen in New Zealand before.    It all started when she has been proven to be not quite the person her CV says she is as she didn't flee Iran, she came to New Zealand for better economic opportunity.  She is as much a refugee as fellow Iranian Gilda Kirkpatrick.  However Gilda is a lot more honest and in many ways smarter.   Not only was this backstory given coverage on a website that no one in the NZ media appears now to speak of his name, but the thoughtful Phil Quin.  Quin made the mistake of fearing for his livelihood and at one stage was silly enough to issue an apology, he has since manned up and given it another go.
Golly Gosh has moved on to better things and now is a passive aggressive, victim player who politically weaponises her own supposed death threats!  This time trying to paint the mild mannere…

It Cannot Be Suppressed Any Longer - Spit It Out Son

Yes Jevan is trying to tell us something and as usual he is as subtle as a large sticky taiaha up a well used rectum.  Here is a summary in all publicly available Facebook pictures.

Cool so we will have a guess.

Yes something big is happening, John Harawira is getting a taste for spending other people's money again. For two people who do not drink at all, the Tamaki's do spend a hell of a lot of time down at the Viaduct.

And on Owen Glenn's boat with Chinese real estate salespeople who love a sprinkle of horse racing and encourage clown suit attire for excursions.

Oh yes it is one happy family.

So Brian Tamaki is starting a political party and Hone Harawira will star in the production to get back at Kelvin Davis who won't let Tamaki into prisons?  Hell why not chuck in Donna Awatere, the current "Maori Climate Commissioner"? The only relative experience she has with that one is a fraud conviction.  Speaking of which here are a bunch of persons involved in ca…

Lefty Woke Sook With LLB Runs To Law Society For Golly Gosh

The Law Society is there for adult things.
Getting involved in politics between people is not one of those adult things.
For someone with legal training to make this complaint about Stephen Franks when Franks not only is a respected senior practitioner, but an ex-MP is about as much of a joke as a complaint can be.
The worst mistake was instead of doing so privately this Sam McDonald, Labour Party operative and candidate, has publicly published his complaint on the High Kingdom of Twitter to prove a "big man" political point with the woke glee squad who perform frequent circle jerks online.

The problem with McDonald's approach is that he is a civil servant and should not be mixing politics with pleasure.  He should actually be the one investigated under their social media rules.  He should also be called out for being a lefty woke sook for in effect running his mouth off to the teacher complaining about kid he does not like being mean outside of school hours to another …

The Manopause

A lot of garbage is written about menopause online.  We are not allowed to call it garbage because it is akin to taking a large dump on the sisterhood.  Well, worse is to come for this cabal of passive aggressive bullies - there exists unicorns who have already skipped the entire process at a very young age and will never get it because we medically have been assessed as having reached that level of elite female flyer in the genetics department. Cough.  
Now while I am sure some of the garbage written about menopause is genuine; from what women would like us all to believe is that at around the age of 50, women all get fat (despite you know not understanding to lose weight you need to be only in a calorie deficit), grumpy,  disinterested in things they previously were, their skin dries up, they do not want sex anymore and worse still HRT if you take it will cause cancer.

This is the sort of example we are expected to take seriously:

"As a vegetarian who loves yoga, we also review…

Incentivising Men Gone Terribly Wrong

In order to get men to do things women want them to do with respect to abortion rights, we have seen two real life examples of women completely getting it ass about face.
1. Withholding sex 
Alyssa Milano called for a sex strike.  Right, okay so using sex as a weapon has actually worked before in many relationships, nice idea.  Women who do this may very well get through to a man. 

But the male is an adaptable beast.  He will not abstain.  He will keep having sex and lots of it, just not with you. Especially one who is a not so unattractive Hollywood talent agent who finds himself surrounded by hot chicks all day long.
2. Posing Nude
I do not know what this idiot model was thinking.  She is online nude everywhere with about 1% body fat looking like she's 12 if that's your thing, however this picture believe it or not has her looking slightly more "curvy" than the others.
"This week, 25 old white men voted to ban abortion in Alabama even in cases of incest and rape,&…

Huawei Humour


What The Hell Are Jordan and Senegal Doing At The "Christchurch Call"??

Mother Jacinda really will sit down with anyone to discuss limiting free speech to the masses and that   specifically of her political opponents and detractors.  On some critical analysis and not of the NZ MSM fawning varietals, this has made a joke of the attendee list.   Has anyone asked the question I have above?  Anyone?
She is joined by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Senegal President Macky Sall, and King Abdullah II of Jordan over the course of the event.
The few (and it is few) attendees of the Christchurch Call are clearly all quite excitable at their new found importance. It appears though that some of them really need to forget about what alleged white supremacists say online in a chat room blowing smoke to one and another, and look at what their own countries are actually doing in re…

Finders Keepers And The IRD Freeze Your Account!

This is completely outrageous and I hope a community lawyer helps this lady.  Where is the sanctimonious, ginger, vegan twit David Tong when you need him?

Savana Taihia, a childcare worker of to be fair not much sophistication was due a $12,000 refund from the IRD (or so the media says but it was probably less than that).  So unsophisticated she would not have even known how much the IRD would have actually owed her but smart enough to know it was not $12 million. Somewhere in the middle.  This is not free money or a windfall to Taihia.  This is money stolen from someone I bet who has been overcharged tax perhaps for years from the silly secondary income rates of tax that punishes the otherwise poor from getting another job.  Only recently adjusted at law.
So Taihia gets $12 million credited to her account with the explanation that it was due to another taxpayer.  Yeah right......again another taxpayer with funds stolen.  The only credible story would be a large corporate.  Again overc…

Where is the Sri Lanka Call?

One lone Australian called Brenton Harrison Tarrant commits mass murder in mosques in Christchurch.  There is no evidence whatsoever he acted in conjunction with anyone else.  He films it,  fewer than 4000 people watch it live, everyone else watching it has done so entirely by choice.  
Thee who Mother Ardern is too afraid to name

Despite not wanting to give him a profile, Brenton Harrison Tarrant is now getting an entire world conference in Paris named after the city where he committed these atrocities.  Pronounced with a bad New Zealand accent the "Christchurch Call" has an unfortunate ring of another vowel in there....oh dear.  The man must be sniggering in his cell at the special attention his actions have caused leaders of the woke world.
Patrick Gower is now scouting message boards from his desk to file shock horror news reports that in the world, somewhere, right now, oh my god - white supremacy actually exists.  Of course if English was not his sole language he could…

Racist Chinese Landlords Refuse Rental to Indians

That is what this headline should have read.

But of course it didn't.  Here is what the sensationalists came up with.

Or were they racist at all?
However, the property manager, Jane Zhang of Jing Hong Property Management, has denied saying the prospective tenants had been turned down because the landlord believed that "all Indians are dirty", and said she was referring to the landlord's previous "bad experience" with Indian tenants.
The article continues
An Indian friend of Raorane said he had lived in Auckland for seven years and always found it very difficult to find a rental property.
"All South Asians - Indian, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan - have trouble."
While he had never explicitly been told he was turned down because of his ethnicity, he would have to visit 10 to 20 properties before securing a rental.
The only downside to professional earning Indian tenants I could see would be their cooking smells.  This of course is hilarious given a …

Ardern Hosts Her Own Dinner Party - In Paris

While this tweet is making a strong running for right-wing extremist tweet of the year, underneath it is a seriously decent question that needs to be asked.  Just who are these tribal leftie woke folk on Mother Ardern's Committee of the Acceptable?  And can't she finally have some opinions of her own, considering you know, she has driven the whole need for speed on censoring the net? Former All Black anthem singer,  Lizzie helps us out

Let us not focus on how the former All Black anthem singer now gets to fly to Paris to represent us on issues that give her more self importance than she is ever qualified to have just by shouting loudly, smiling and conning some funds out of NZ on Air to talk about sex.  What I find particularly profound is the emergence of Jordan Carter and Michael Wallmansberger from the shadows.  
I am not saying they are not qualified in technology and the internet, on the contrary.  I am however saying there is a certain large amount of nepotism, favourit…

So Did Ardern Turn The Mosque Video Off? The Public Lynching of Facebook.

Mother Ardern, currently saving the world in France from the evils of Facebook, claims she "inadvertently saw" the Christchurch mosque video.  Her explanation follows:
I use and manage my social media just like anyone else. I know the reach of this video was vast, because I too inadvertently saw it," the Prime Minister says in an op-ed article published this weekend in the New York Times.
"Many people report seeing it autoplay on their social media feeds and not realising what it was - after all, how could something so heinous be so available?
I call bullshit on that.
I didn't inadvertently see the video, I found it online and watched it.  On purpose.  I did so in order to be able to write about it.  I read the manifesto, I forwarded a link to people to do likewise.  Everyone seemed to already have it that I knew and were sniggering about the ramblings of an incoherent lunatic who didn't even seem very committed to being a far right white supremacist.  We ar…

11 Year Old Sends Cash To Wrong Member of Coalition

With the amount of cash doled out to silly causes under this current Coalition Government it is little wonder that 11 year olds now think that a lazy $5 could get the highly useful research into Dragons a boost.
 A letter from Ardern - dated April 30, written on official ministerial letterhead and posted to the New Zealand section of web forum Reddit by user honeybee6992 - thanked 'Victoria' for getting in touch.
"We were very interested to hear your suggestions about psychics and dragons, but unfortunately we are not currently doing any work in either of these areas," Ardern told her.
"I am therefore returning your bribe money, and I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy and dragons."
Mother Ardern calls it "bribe" money.  Well she would know wouldn't she as she has sanctioned billions of it herself.  Surely the Marsden Fund could look into the application?
However this is to whom the 11 year old should have sent t…

A Game of Two Halves For Allan

A big week for my favourite Labour MP Kiri Allan.
One day she was fronting up when name suppression was lifted on her alleged murdering step-brother, with whom she never grew up with.  
Lord knows why you would feel responsible for his turning out to be an alleged scum-bucket, in the same way Nikki Kaye is not liable for hers.  Taking a leaf out of Mother Arden's school of the art of being close to tears with empathy to take advantage enable control of the situation, Allan put on a bloody good show.  
She apparently showed "future leadership qualities" from the gushing woke lot with this performance of taking responsibility where absolutely none exists, over an alleged scum bucket not one of her opponents has or will blame her for being responsible for in the slightest.
Possibly Allan needs to highlight her cute as pie daughter again that she has with her quietly extremist wife the sometimes Law Lecturer, other times Treaty Trougher Natalie Coates. 

In the same week howev…

Married Man and Woman Have A Baby - Grandfather Is Unwell

Anyone following Gary Janetti's Instagram knows he is the best thing about the Royal Family currently.

Prince Harry used to be the best thing about the Royal family. However since he has turned into a balding, vegan greenie, yoga practising, warmist, screaming cuckold of a ginger, we have had to look elsewhere for inspiration.  Prince George hopefully is it.  Harry seems to have even made the cardinal sin of letting his mother-in-law move in to "help" with the baby.  They have a staff the size of a division at the HMRC, what on earth is she going to actually do other than be like most mother-in-laws and get in the bloody way?
Today Harry stood to one side and Meghan did all the work and gave birth to a boy. That yet to be unnamed boy is only seventh in line to the throne (and dropping in rank the more Kate breeds like a race horse),  but Meghan has secured her future and now she can behave as badly as Sarah Ferguson, safe in the knowledge she is forever tied to royalty r…