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Auckland Deserves Better Than Chris Fletcher

I am sick of the centre-right trotting out Chris Fletcher as a candidate we are like sheep, instructed to vote for. I have stoically refused to vote for her on any ticket since time began.  Why don't the good people of Auckland feel the same?  She has been around for now approaching her third decade in politics, the centre-right deserve better.  She IS part of the institutional problem of politics. She was a terrible National MP, emotional, weak and a very poor example to  and of women.  She was also a toy-chucker who other than having married a Fletcher and borrowed their surname never belonged as a Tory.  As she grows near pension age she is merely taking a spot that should go to younger professionally qualified talented political candidates. Yes she is taking a token spot that younger women should be given and when I say younger I mean even women in their 50's who have actually achieved something before standing for office. After disputes with the National Party

Peak Bradbury

As explained yesterday when commentators start dreaming of the death of a politician they have run out of material.  It is getting all a bit distasteful. Today Martyn Bradbury is proving the point again. Let’s say Winston being in hospital for an old rugby injury right now wasn’t true and he as Leader was actually very ill and died. Really? There is not a cockroach on this earth or their great-grandchildren, that Winston will not outlive.  ENDS.

The Chinese Are Watching Your Sources Too

Today Tova O'Brien has attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill.  There is nothing unusual about MP's or Ministers exercising such caution in China or indeed any foreign country. What I find far more fascinating is that journalists do not necessarily think they are being watched by foreign agents as well.  Which is why you should never leak source information if you are a businessman or any of stature through any journalists who regularly travel there.  Let alone be aligned to them.  Chinese companies are always on the look out for a competitive advantage.  No one for example from Fonterra should every carry Intellectual Property or confidential information right down to their contacts, on devices through China.  Just as I am sure the Chinese do not travel elsewhere in the world such is their mutual distrust of the West. Journalists love free trips paid for by state run Chinese companies (read most of them), but once over there how do THEY guard against

Peak Trotter

When a commentator of any political persuasion runs out of things to say, they write a column pretending the current leader is dead.  This one is possibly the most unusual yet given the comparisons. This is not Chris Trotter's fault, it is though of his left leaning woke mates running NZ political commentary.  They cannot possibly fawn over the failing LED light that is their Dear Cindy anymore as even they cannot pretend she is more than stardust. They have to now pretend what would happen if the 39 year old in physically good condition, fit and healthy - would die! Big Norm didn't die suddenly, he was obese, unhealthy with diabetes and dysentery and had a terrible lifestyle. Kirk ignored advice from several doctors and from Bob Tizard and Warren Freer to "take care of himself" and to reduce his heavy consumption of Coca-Cola and alcohol (beer, plus later whisky or gin), saying he would have a "short but happy life". [18] Though a no

Mike Lee - The Silent Guardian of Auckland

I still cannot write about the cricket after now 6 weeks.  So we shall gloss over that. I have embarked on three months of dry July's to make up for 6 weeks of June and July madness in Europe.  Long absences from alcohol are far easier than drinking socially in moderation.  Nothing should be done in moderation. I find on such quests locking ones self away to sleep to ease into it is the best approach and this was made easier by the rain and constant threat of dengue fever in the tropics.  In all truth, coming off six weeks of fun is not easy and makes you suitably unfit to blog for fear of defaming someone as stupidly litigious as Colin Craig.  Jeffrey Bernard was actually unwell again. What snaps you out of it however takes a decent amount of drive and determination and this week Mike Lee gave me such in spades. In a statement that can only be described as channelling the Dark Knight, Lee proclaims*: " Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but