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The Sopers Dying In A Ditch For A Sex Pest

Oh dear I just have to ask why are Barry Soper and wife HDPA dying in a ditch for a sex pest? I have one question someone needs to ask Barry. That's what happened at Labour's summer youth camp early last year: a drunken yobbo falling over and groping four 16-year-olds and apparently being deeply remorseful, unable to remember it the next day If thee who cannot be named fondled, groped and pashed his wife, what would his reaction be? Because I know Barry Soper not well, but well enough from my times with him and definitely respect him as a man and complete gentleman around women especially his own wife, to know the answer. Thee who cannot be named would be decked on the floor instantly crying to his father. As any self-respecting husband/partner would do to another man/boy trying that on. So stop pretending this incident of which there are numerous occurrences should go through to the keeper and somehow the victims are over-reacting!

Labour Sex Camp Okay Rules Judge - What Now For Ali Mau and #Metoo?

Judge Russell Collins has today effectively handed a free pass to sexual offenders under the influence of alcohol at parties to do well, pretty much whatever they like in front of him. The judge discharged the young man without conviction.  During the August trial he was accused of having grabbed and squeezed a man's testicles, touched another man's genitals twice, kissed a woman on her neck and face and groped a second woman's breast and bottom.  There you go young men, fill your boots at the next booze season.  Try it down at the local pub tomorrow even.  You know, for kicks when you are pissed. Rather, the judge continued, the offending - while not an excuse - was "born out of drunken stupidity".  "It may well have been indecent but that is no longer part of the charge."  So yeah it was indecent but he had a lawyer and powerful mates in parliament, possibly even a reference letter from a Senior Government Minister sayi

Random Impertinent Questions

10. So how many minutes will Sonny Bill Williams actually play for this alleged multimillions over two years vs signing autographs for the maximum 5000 fans per game at home? 9. Air NZ are giving away 2 x economy flights for their first flight to New York on 29 October 2020. The flight is a mere 17hrs 40 mins in economy. What’s second prize? 8. How many more trips to court before a certain politician can be ruled a vexatious litigant? 7. Labour sex scandal review? How is it going Ms Dew? What month are we up to now? 6. So how’s the Toogood Inquiry into the death of Mason Pendrous getting along? Tick tick for the world’s slowest former Judge. It was due “within” 6 weeks commencing 2 October 2019. We are now heading into week 9. 5. The Barmy Army and former English players are getting all righteous about an alleged insult to Jofra Archer, that no one seems to have even identified are from a New Zealand supporter.  Could they not start with their own chants and commen

Grace Millane and the Rough Sex Defence

 I haven’t posted a thing on the Grace Millane murder trial as it’s utterly disgusting.  I can name him. I’m blogging overseas. NZ media seem outraged that the UK tabloids have jumped in ahead. The Daily Mail have gone ahead. The NZ media are pissed of course they’ve jumped the gun. But at the end of the day naming him is meaningless. The case is over.  Let’s put aside even in retrospect I cannot explain to other people not admitted to the bar as to why this chump received name suppression. I’d heard the rumours why but after the verdict it appears that was all as much ballocks as his entire narrative for his own life. Rough sex gone wrong as a defence? A defence for what? The man is usually the most powerful in the partnership and with that comes a duty of care to stop before killing someone. It’s not really a fine line! Even now the jury have reached their verdict, any appeal will be heard by judges who are never going to be swayed by media or blogs as they’re bey

Release The Donors!!!

Journalists are usually so quick to release information gained legally or illegally based on "public interest".   I do not think there has ever been more public interest in the term of this Coalition Government than knowing who is funding New Zealand First via donations or propping them up with loans.  Then the public can see if they have benefited from the Shane Jones lollie scramble directly or indirectly. It was the crucial bait in the coalition negotiations and NZ First are depending on its success to get themselves re-elected in the provinces. This is regardless of whether the only real growth in the provinces has been house prices because cashed up or poverty laden Aucklanders and Wellingtonians have decided to move there. Graeme Edgeler who is usually so quick to be on the side of the righteous a nd left, has already seen these documents apparently and he alleges they break the law. Public law expert Graeme Edgeler says the documents may be eviden

One Maori Worth More Than One Woman Now In Labour

I am a bit busy preparing my "annual festival of fun" and exercising my "professional class consumer spending gene"* currently but this did not miss my eye in passing .  Remember when Jami-Lee Ross taught us that according to him : "Two Chinese would be more valuable than two Indians"? Matt McCarten is now proposing Diversity is actually about when two candidates are competent to do the top job, then diversity should be a determining factor. But he has a strange definition of such diversity.  It appears some diversity is not equal to others. An "unknown sauce", in other words - Matt McCarten interviewing his own keyboard and/or Willie Jackson, claims: "Put Jacinda and Phillips together and you have a picture of a complementary balance. But put Jacinda and Zsabo together and you have two very similar well-educated Auckland middle-class liberal women . We don’t need clones, we need diversity and we need to be able to recogn

Take a Bow Labour

Speaking about crisis, how about this one in the Coalition? Finally Labour have had enough of having the piss taken and have acted with some belated dignity and honour. On 7 November, government ministers met to consider the application. A spokesperson for Mr Jones said the minister was at the meeting but left the room for that agenda item and the decision to reject the bid was made by Labour ministers Grant Robertson, Phil Twyford and David Parker. Did this event coincide with Shane Jones acting as if he was under man o pause and turning completely rogue? Full (belated) credit to Ministers Robertson, Twyford and Parker where it is due. This story is astonishing as much as it is disturbing considering this billion tree growth fund for planting everywhere was the price of the coalition negotiations with Labour. Every politically motivated and connected Tangata Whenua in New Zealand appears to have a hand in some pie in carbon credits and trees currently. A bit like

New Zealand's Highest Court Now In Total Crisis Mode

I do not like the word crisis, it is overused.  I like to save it for special occasions and here is one such one. Just a day after news was released that the President of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann   used a recent speech at The Northern Club to announce that Judges needed to come from a wider variety of backgrounds, she got her wish for them then to act accordingly. Who is laughing now? The latest appointed to the Supreme Court in May, The Hon Justice Joe Williams, has just six months later thrown not as reported a legal curve ball but a large hard  knuckle ball firmly at the head of the whole New Zealand legal establishment.  This would not matter if he was a lower ranked High or District Court Judge, but saving this for the Supreme Court means it has to actually be dealt with seriously. Least I suffer a zillion politically motivated complaints to the Law Society from the usual fucktardery of suspects, I cannot possibly react to his comments in

NZ First and The Trading of Scalps

Less than three months later Maybe Soper can ask his mate Peters whether his first story was true because if it was (and Barry Soper would never write anything next to his name before he can stand it up), wouldn't that indicate perhaps his coalition negotiations were never in good faith?  Peters had zero evidence going into the proceedings Bennett was the leaker.  Was the "scalp" of Paula Bennett discussed at any time? Someone claiming to know Peters well enough to judge, Richard Griffin, over the weekend was furiously claiming: That is neither the politician nor the man. Revenge, served cold or otherwise, is not Peters' modus operandi. Any number of present and past politicians who have been rolled by the leader of New Zealand First might claim he has been lucky, manipulative, cavalier and just too well dressed for them to deal with. None would claim he is arbitrarily vindictive. Paula Bennett may (cough) have a differing view.

And................Denny Crane!!!

One of the top 5 legal shows ever made has to be Boston Legal.  It is the all time favourite of mine.  Watching Brian Henry and Winston Peters traverse through the last fortnight has reminded me particularly of one episode about rabbits. Denny Crane: Well, don't, soldier. Pull a rabbit out of your hat. Motions with his index finder for Alan Shore to lean closer. Then, conspiratorially That's the secret of both trial law and life. Alan Shore: Rabbits? Denny Crane: nods Oh, yeah.  The actual episode in question is one of the all-time best and guest starred Rev Al Sharpton who turns up in the courtroom as the rabbit to brilliantly convince a Judge they should have a Black Annie. For two weeks now I have waited for this rabbit to appear in this case.  Henry and Peters, far too senior as a barrister and a politician respectively to turn up to court with nothing less. First up there was Barry Soper's testimony and then column in the Herald attacking the

Winston Peters And Subjudice

Today in this hilarious interview with Peter Williams, Winston Peters mumbled his favourite ever legal word - subjudice.  Before of course then being successfully goaded into actually discussing an  element of his current litigation in the $63.57 amount and definition "demonstrably untrue".  Have a listen to it as it is a political masterclass in not explaining because it would be losing and Peters at his funniest best, leading into the finale where he destroys Hannah Tamaki on the way out the door. Bless his boomer/silent generation cusp heart but times have moved on from Richard Griffin's adventures via Tardis, since screaming its name "subjudice", gave him an excuse never to have to answer any questions from journalists.  A useful blog friendly summary on subjudice is found here from a former Judge. Our courts have long recognised that some comment is acceptable.  The fundamental rule is that material must not be published which creates a


That is not only the deafening silence from all left-wing blogs reading definitive testimony of a distinguished member of their public service Sir Maarten Wevers.  It is bar the sound of nervous shuffling........ that of the 9th Floor present and ghosts of it past.  Wevers served both Helen Clark's regime and John Key's career mid-life sabbatical as PM. The public service traditionally is known to be slightly argh well, left leaning where it can be.  In a courtroom of course, it definitely can not and you can fully expect them fearfully to tell the truth. The Winston Peters of 2019 and beyond is now a life member of the political left in New Zealand.  There is nothing centrist about him if as the Kingmaker he is only ever going to veer left.   After these two weeks there is no chance in hell NZ First will ever go into coalition with National again.  I would say while Winston Peters is leader but the party ceases when he finally goes to bed.  A vote for Winston is a vot

Respecting Winston Peters

After a long absence  Lord Richard Griffin spoke from his "thrown"  to inform us that Winston Peters deserves more respect. Well he didn't, the sub-editor of Stuff did but the opinion piece thereafter was accurate to the headline as Lord Griffin made a sterling attempt to stick up for his old mate.   Winston Peters himself has not asked political commentators and bloggers to respect him more, for if you have to ask for respect you do not deserve it.  In the very same way if you have to ask people to trust you, they should not.  I doubt Winston Peters cares what anyone thinks of him who will never vote for him. Griffin himself had a long and illustrious career as life member of the Gallery but also not too briefly as man servant protecting easily the worst Prime Minister of my lifetime (and I am counting ALL the Labour ones here) James Brendan Bolger.  Legends dark have it that in foreign shores, Griffin was often mistaken for the PM such was the dim

Courtroom 13 - The Week In Review

Winners of the Week Winston Peters - strangely enough with his support base, this week would have done him no harm at all.  None of them care if he cannot oversee completion of a Super form. I hazard a guess a week of coverage, any coverage especially where he is sticking it to the establishment, and he goes up in the polls. He lives off and loves litigation and seems completely unphased by it. For him this is just another week or two in politics. Tim Murphy - has upset the glory and establishment of senior members of the Press Gallery present and it appears today even bodies drifting around from the Big Daddy Mafioso of the long shuffled on. Murphy was referred to as a blogger  writing "garbage" of "irrational irresponsibility" materialising on "mainstream outlets". Ok, not so silent generation Pre-Boomer! As young Chloe would say.   Paula Bennett - managed prima facie to escape unscathed and looked fresh, young and fabulous in doing so. 

The Media Have Been The Story For Years Barry!

Soper and Peters in less stressful times Not the first senior journalist at the NZ Herald to run off after giving evidence under Oath to then use their soapbox to defend themselves, Barry Soper has over-reacted today in fine fashion to Tim Murphy's report. I posted on it here. Soper takes umbrage at Murphy's killer line  After his evidence Soper sat at the rear of the court with Winston Peters and his partner Jan Trotman. God, it is not like Murphy then alleged Soper ran off with Peters and Trotman afterwards for dinner or anything! The general public do not have that privilege of reaching an audience Soper has when members of his profession run and jump all over them.   Fortunately it's rare but on the odd occasion those of us in the media become part of the story. Surely this is tongue in cheek, members of the profession have made themselves central to the cast of characters in a story for years now, getting us all closer to the news.  Soper'

Who Knew In Advance About Winston Peters' Super Stuff up?

Bruce Gray QC carrying a suitcase far too small to take Ann Tolley's political carcass back home but far too light to be carrying documents in if he is not dragging it or making his barrister manservant.  Good lord I am too exhausted to even think about how many people knew. It may be easier to draw up a list of people interested in New Zealand politics who did not know .  I would not be on that list as I did in advance.  I was working at the time in Australia and heard the salacious tit bit and had a very good laugh about it.  My source was from someone I would not deem to be that political. Of course naturally I kept the information to myself and waited to see what happened next  swapped notes with everyone else I knew who may be interested in it so we can have a laugh about Winston Peters' inability to complete a Super application correctly, only to find most of them already knew.  Bastards.   The lawyers paid by the hour can work out the timeline, as can