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What The Huawei Is Going On With China? - Part II

So after much fuss in their shock and awe PR campaign, Huawei The Herald have suddenly gone silent with stories of China doom.  They've either run out or ceased to be supplied with them through previous channels. The last to run was on Monday that trumpeted the " China Chill hits New Zealand Schools - Student downturn may hit Kiwi parents in pockets ".  This was of course total nonsense. "Patrick Gale, principal of the country's biggest school Rangitoto College, said 71 Chinese students had enrolled to study at the college this year but 10 per cent cancelled their enrolments".   So seven.  Woopie. "Schools, private training institutes and polytechnics are worst hit. Chinese student visas dropped during the year to December by 30 per cent in private institutes, 10 per cent in polytechnics and 5 per cent in schools". So a meagre five percent in schools, ten in techs and thirty in these "private institutes".  University