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TWG Review - Part 1 of What Taxes Would I Introduce?

The Tax Working Group were given a terms of reference by Junior Finance Minister Grant Robertson. They were specifically excluded from raising the following: Increasing any income tax rate or the rate of GST Inheritance tax Any other changes that would apply to the taxation of the family home or the land under it, and Exceptions 2 and 3 were all political.  In other words - not even someone with a Ph.D in Communications from Te Whare Wananga o Waikato could sell them currently.  I have already explained how stupid it was from an independence stance that the TWG was not allowed to examine 3. The TWG report itself as written by the author (presumably Michael Cullen's scribe) was gagging to do it. I often discuss at geek times with likeminded people in my profession of looking after rich prick's assets, as to what taxes our rich prick clients' most hate.  In other words the taxes we are paid the most to avoid work around.  The leading contenders are al