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TWG Review - Liam Dann First To Be Bullied By Ninth Floor

Yesterday the Ninth Floor via J acinda Ardern said this : "There is a large group of New Zealanders, particularly young New Zealanders now who actually, if their aspiration has been homeownership has just become harder and harder. There's a group of New Zealanders who don't have columns in the Herald, who might not be having a chance to have their say on this. Today Liam Dann is the first journalist to leave his nuts safely tucked up at home and produces this : " The noise around the Tax Working Group's proposal has become deafening. Sorry if I've been part of that ". Sorry? What the fuck for? Being a man? Actually let's not. It is blatantly clear that Labour having deemed their own handling a crisis, are now in crisis mode to shame journalists and writers in general for daring to actually have an opinion in what they have asked for in the first place - a debate.  Dirty dirty politics indeed.