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The NZ Political Left And The Uranium On Their Breath

The face you make when you realise you're allowing Winston Peters to speak on your behalf to immigrants. “We never thought it could happen in NZ”, “This is not us”...."Kia Kaha Christchurch"..."Resilience".  (insert random cliches). I’m sorry NZ but this is you and it has happened. Put your big girl and boy pants on. For many years NZ has lived in a child-like utopia that terrorism doesn’t happen to us if we are all nice to people. We sit on the fence on diplomatic matters. It will never happen in such a quiet place. If we stay still we will never be a target. We have strict gun laws as opposed to America and this will never happen.  Well it has happened and now NZ has to face facts that it is a grown up in a grown ups world. We now await a Muslim terror response to a young white male Australian with a  penchant to travel in North Korea and China, coming to Christchurch and acting in what seems to be entirely on his own   in live action