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Woeful Winston Raymond Peters Becomes Both Erdogan's and Jacinda's Little Bitch

Last Tuesday I wrote  Anyway I now have zero concerns for WRP. At best he is going to bond with RTE and hold his hand in the same way Phil Goff did with Yasser Arafat. At worst, he is going to be internationally humiliated for electoral gain right in the middle of a Turkish election.  RTE has gone very hard against anyone spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric this election.  What better chance to prove his might than invite a guilty party of that over and send him home without his figurative testicles attached? Win-win. I think we definitely have an OPTION B as the winner here.  Only the humiliation was at his own hands before Erdogan even had a chance as WRP fell asleep. Erdogan then sucker punched him on the way home as he played Brenton Harrison Tarrant's video again at a rally. This is not the first time recently the cameras have captured WRP looking dozy. Lloyd Burr is laughing with embarrassment. TV reviewer Jane Bowron gives WRP a decent slap.