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The Throwing of Katz Under The Bus - Craig v Williams Strikes Again

*Disclosure required: While I think honestly believe Colin Craig is just a silly nong, I am not a fan of Jordan Williams commencing with   being an external coup plotter  his interference in Rodney Hide's ACT leadership.  It was only a friend yelling "no Cactus" that prevented his ending up in the drink outside Dockside, as he oh so delicately swayed on a chair after Roger Kerr's funeral. I have not seen him since. It is hard to know where to start through the muddle of the Craig v Williams, Williams v Craig or is it Craig v Craig, Williams v Williams?  Everyone has lost the plot as much as the participants in this huge legal mess with even more Craig litigation to come from and towards other parties. Plenty has been written on the subject such that confusion reigns supreme all round.  Thanks to Craig's very deep pockets, the Supreme Court were given the job of sorting it all out.  Or not.  So are we faced with going through the torture all ove