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Educator of The Year Already - Paul Melloy

I pray to the holiday Gods for this lovely man.

The biggest issue with holidaying during school time, in our opinion, is not the actual time off school. "It's the priority the holiday is given above school attendance. This, in your son's mind, lowers his perception of the importance of school attendance. This is dangerous.
Amen to that.
Skipping school for reasons of poverty is one thing. Often we hear reports of children of parents in poor areas of NZ skipping school as a daughter cannot be provided with tampons, a son cannot be provided with a lunch. Middle class NZ rolls their eyes and blames the parenting. 
But when some wealthier middle class whiteys drag their kids from school it’s okay because the airfares and hotels are cheaper in Hawaii that time of year and you know - missing a week isn’t going to kill them. 
If you can’t afford the school holiday premiums then you shouldn’t be on the holiday in the first place.
Melloy however hits the nail on the head and says what…