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Sanctimonious Virtue Signalling At Its Worst - Allbirds Loses Plot

The Allbird sheep following the woke I have purchased a few pairs of Allbirds.  From memory - a grey pair that lasted about 6 months, another grey just 2, a yellow pair that I only wear occasionally and inside and 2 pairs of the white model that have stained or discoloured naturally in the time it takes to shear a sheep.   I can forgive: - That the runners cost US95 (NZ138) in the USA but NZ160 making them always more expensive in NZ than the USA. - The US95 or NZ160 price tag. - The wool loungers are slippers your grandfather used to wear. In the 70's.  - They seemed very popular this summer in Grey Lynn. - Some people take seriously the claim that the wool prevents everyone's feet from smelling, and avoid wearing even no show socks.  - The runners were actually thrown in the bin by a leading Sydney podiatrist when I showed him what I was walking all day in when I had a bout of crippling sciatica. - They provide zero suppor