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At Least It Is Official Now The Herald Has Turned Chinese

The Herald's new pay per view websit e has hit the ground running and by far the most noteworthy event was their giving in and just calling it is what it is. I wonder if they charge the Chinese the same rate for advertorial in this section? Also it would be fun if a native Chinese speaker could translate what some of these stories actually say and if the Herald is allowing propaganda to be pushed to one part of the community.   My former University buddy and good friend; left-wing extremist and hate speech merchant Martyn Bradbury,  has this rather humorous look  at what he thinks should be behind the paywall.  I have bolded where we agree with my add ons in red.  Behind the Wall Mike Hosking, Kate Hawkesby, Heather du Plessis-Allan and Barry Soper. The real housewives & husbands of Parnell ZB Troll farm that the Herald has become (thanks to their content sharing arrangement with ZB) means that week after week the Government is showered with biased hot tak