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Congratulations to Jacinda and Clarke

Congratulations to New Zealand First Couple Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford on their engagement.  To nicely celebrate the occasion I have found the most handsome manly photo of Clarke I could find.  Nice. I am sure all those people saying that debuting the ring some ten days after the moment, on yet another day of empathy towards the poor Pike River families on what was otherwise supposed to be the day the mine was entered, is entirely coincidental and not another Mike Munroesque play at knocking around a bad news cycle. Doing a bit of Daily Mail style analytics of Royal Family engagements, the ring looks a little old and compact in design so perhaps it is an antique from the Gayford family, which would be lovely.   , Some research on the whole wearing of the engagement ring on the middle finger and not the ring finger discloses the following reasons "Putting a diamond wedding ring on your middle finger will allow to improve the traits of venus. I