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A Game of Two Halves For Allan

A big week for my favourite Labour MP Kiri Allan. One day she was fronting up when name suppression was lifted on her alleged murdering step-brother, with whom she never grew up with.   Lord knows why you would feel responsible for his turning out to be an alleged scum-bucket, in the same way Nikki Kaye is not liable for hers.  Taking a leaf out of Mother Arden's school of the art of being close to tears with empathy to take advantage enable control of the situation, Allan put on a bloody good show.   She apparently showed "future leadership qualities" from the gushing woke lot with this performance of taking responsibility where absolutely none exists, over an alleged scum bucket not one of her opponents has or will blame her for being responsible for in the slightest. Possibly Allan needs to highlight her cute as pie daughter again that she has with her quietly extremist wife the sometimes Law Lecturer, other times Treaty Trougher Natalie Coates.