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Racist Chinese Landlords Refuse Rental to Indians

That is what this headline should have read. But of course it didn't.  Here is what the sensationalists came up with. Or were they racist at all? However, the property manager, Jane Zhang of Jing Hong Property Management, has denied saying the prospective tenants had been turned down because the landlord believed that "all Indians are dirty", and said she was referring to the landlord's previous "bad experience" with Indian tenants. The article continues An Indian friend of Raorane said he had lived in Auckland for seven years and always found it very difficult to find a rental property. "All South Asians - Indian, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan - have trouble." While he had never explicitly been told he was turned down because of his ethnicity, he would have to visit 10 to 20 properties before securing a rental. The only downside to professional earning Indian tenants I could see would be their cooking smells.

Ardern Hosts Her Own Dinner Party - In Paris

While this tweet is making a strong running for right-wing extremist tweet of the year, underneath it is a seriously decent question that needs to be asked.  Just who are these tribal leftie woke folk on Mother Ardern's Committee of the Acceptable?  And can't she finally have some opinions of her own, considering you know, she has driven the whole need for speed on censoring the net? Former All Black anthem singer,  Lizzie helps us out Let us not focus on how the former All Black anthem singer now gets to fly to Paris to represent us on issues that give her more self importance than she is ever qualified to have just by shouting loudly, smiling and conning some funds out of NZ on Air to talk about sex.  What I find particularly profound is the emergence of Jordan Carter and Michael Wallmansberger from the shadows.   I am not saying they are not qualified in technology and the internet, on the contrary.  I am however saying there is a certain large amount o

So Did Ardern Turn The Mosque Video Off? The Public Lynching of Facebook.

Mother Ardern, currently saving the world in France from the evils of Facebook, claims she "inadvertently saw" the Christchurch mosque video.   Her explanation follows: I use and manage my social media just like anyone else. I know the reach of this video was vast, because I too inadvertently saw it," the Prime Minister says in an op-ed article published this weekend in the New York Times. "Many people report seeing it autoplay on their social media feeds and not realising what it was - after all, how could something so heinous be so available? I call bullshit on that. I didn't inadvertently see the video, I found it online and watched it.  On purpose.  I did so in order to be able to write about it.  I read the manifesto, I forwarded a link to people to do likewise.  Everyone seemed to already have it that I knew and were sniggering about the ramblings of an incoherent lunatic who didn't even seem very committed to being a far right

11 Year Old Sends Cash To Wrong Member of Coalition

With the amount of cash doled out to silly causes under this current Coalition Government it is little wonder that 11 year olds now think that a lazy $5 could get the highly useful research into Dragons a boost.  A letter from Ardern - dated April 30, written on official ministerial letterhead and posted to the New Zealand section of web forum Reddit by user honeybee6992 - thanked 'Victoria' for getting in touch. "We were very interested to hear your suggestions about psychics and dragons, but unfortunately we are not currently doing any work in either of these areas," Ardern told her. "I am therefore returning your bribe money, and I wish you all the very best in your quest for telekinesis, telepathy and dragons." Mother Ardern calls it "bribe" money.  Well she would know wouldn't she as she has sanctioned billions of it herself.  Surely the Marsden Fund could look into the application? However this is to whom the 11 year