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Incentivising Men Gone Terribly Wrong

In order to get men to do things women want them to do with respect to abortion rights, we have seen two real life examples of women completely getting it ass about face. 1. Withholding sex  Alyssa Milano called for a sex strike.  Right, okay so using sex as a weapon has actually worked before in many relationships, nice idea.  Women who do this may very well get through to a man.  But the male is an adaptable beast.  He will not abstain.  He will keep having sex and lots of it, just not with you. Especially one who is a not so unattractive Hollywood talent agent who finds himself surrounded by hot chicks all day long. 2. Posing Nude I do not know what this idiot model was thinking.  She is online nude everywhere with about 1% body fat looking like she's 12 if that's your thing, however this picture believe it or not has her looking slightly more "curvy" than the others. "This week, 25 old white men voted to ban abortion in Al