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Cardiff - Black Caps v Sri Lanka

On a tour itinerary given to you by Flight Centre we would call yesterday a “travel day”. Which is code for “too buggered to move”. I arrived in Cardiff after 24 hours of travel lying two rows away from the world’s sexiest man (and new wife and son sadly returning from honeymoon) rather exhausted. Sadly the first time I fly in a private suite is the one time with my good luck I’m near the world’s sexiest man. Seriously I know I’ve told men before they’re this person to satisfy their fragile egos, but certifiably this one actually is. Daddy while reading Asian Invasion In his own private suite. I don’t know how Air NZ wins world airline of the year as after my Q suite experience I never want to fly them again. The only upside of the Air NZ seats is that if Idris Alba (aka Luther) was seated two rows from you HE would have no privacy at all. As it was the hostesses were giggling all over him to the point I just asked them to leave me the bottle of Taittinger Rose so the

Day Zero - Cricket World Cup Tour

Today I fly out to the most epic sports tour I have ever embarked upon. We have now had recently on the sporting CV San Francisco (where one made a rather glorious tit of themselves on Campbell Live in a tight fitting flag suit after an entire 27 hours of alcohol abuse) and Bermuda Americas Cups, Rugby World Cup UK and cricket World Cup NZ and Australia.  The level of precision planning for this one and everyone else joining me along the way would send the most senior Flight Centre Agent into some form of anxiety recovery session paid for by Grant and Jacinda in the latest Wellbeing budget from unqualified counselling.  Cricket tours are bloody hard work. A friend of mine Doug sent me this marketing thing he was working on where he asked people to disclose  their bucket list. He was disbelieving when I said I don’t have one. Why? Because we don’t wait til we are old to do these things we just go and do it and attending a World Cup of Cricket in England would be top of the list