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On The Positive Front

It is very important when travelling to have some positive thoughts about every place you visit.  This is particularly important in England where every condition weather or otherwise can be glorious one second and horrific the next. Here are the great things about especially London I am remembering when travelling. 10. You are old enough to stay in an area frequented by other adults. Where everyone either behaves nicely or more than likely just ignores each other because they cannot be fucked communicating.  This is a good thing.  If you have to force people to talk, things will not end well.  Leave them alone. 9. Every day this month there is more sport on than you can manage.  All in English. You just need to find a hotel or bar with Sky Sports.  This has become increasingly difficult but not impossible. 8. Abundant supply of alcohol, albeit often difficult to find anything good by the glass. This gives the perfect excuse to buy a whole bottle.  Also when you find fast wif

The Oval - Black Caps v Bangladesh

I spent four nights in London. Day one was beautiful sunshine and a classic arrival celebratory Sunday brunch bar crawl commencing at my favourite dining establishment Balthazar. I now have a blanket ban and defriend from any New Zealander wishing to take me to a Greene King pub. You all earn good money. Live better. The only excuse to be in one is that it seems Murdoch has priced other pubs out of showing sports.  On my first trip I was excited to see very mispriced Bollinger but it is now getting boring when they tell you that they've "sold out" of that and can only offer the horse piss that is Lallier they describe as "ripe, toasty fruit with tasty elegant finish" the rose as "fresh, spicy citrus notes and wild strawberry". Yeah. nope. Blur on a few days and a body that has been completely pounded with a mixture of Lagree pilates, walking everywhere and bar crawls and one finds themselves walking to The Oval. A roll call of what I can recall